ShamanTalk: Episode 21
Interview with Shaman & Astrologer Barry Goddard

In this episode I talk to Barry Goddard, an amazing soul who came into my life last year firstly through Facebook, then at the UK Shamanic Gathering in Glastonbury.

I LOVED listening to Barry speak in this podcast and I’m sure you will too!

These are the topics we covered:

>>> Embodied Shamanism; what is it & why is it important?

>>> Sweat Lodges & the transformation process

>>> Global Shamanism & cultural appropriation

Links mentioned in this episode: 

TRIBE Shamanic Gathering 2020

UK Shamanic Gathering

Barry also mentioned some books:

Dancing in the Streets: a history of collective joy by Barbara Ehrenreich 

 The Sacred Way of the Pipe by Jim Tree 

 You can find Barry’s blogs here:

And you can join these Facebook groups and meet more like-minded folks discussing many Shamanic topics in an open and safe space:

UK Shamanic Community

Shamanic Free State

If you’ve never Journeyed before and would like to learn how. Or if you know a little but would like to expand your knowledge then our Introduction to Shamanism course may be just what you’re looking for. 

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