“Could Shamanism be the thing that finally sets me free?”

You know that at the core of your being, there’s a truer version of you who is struggling to escape

But that version of yourself is trapped underneath a landslide of past trauma, pain and hurt. 

Each boulder in that landslide is a false belief that is keeping the real you pinned down.

And those soul-crushing rocks are HEAVY. 

Seemingly impossible to move. 

You feel broken & disconnected from the truth of who you are. 

There is a spiritual solution to this problem. You know it in your heart. 

You know that if only you could break-through, you could free the person you carry within.

You could FINALLY be one with that Spiritually connected and inspired person.

You WANT to be able to commit to personal change & growth.

You want to be an empowered Spiritual person.

But those old beliefs are keeping you stuck. 

It’s hard even to get started. 

The painful consequences of living life trapped and disconnected from the truest part of yourself are many

You’re most likely familiar with some (or all) of them:

  • You pretend to be someone you’re not, just to fit in.
  • You’re always people-pleasing.
  • You negatively compare yourself to others.
  • You’re anxious all the time.
  • You’re full of self-doubt.
  • You suffer from depression.
  • You have poor boundaries in your relationships.
  • You’re scared to commit to anything.
  • You feel overwhelmed when you try to improve.
  • You lack motivation and procrastinate.
  • You feel lost in life.

You’re living a life that feels disconnected & unfulfilling at best, or downright miserable at worst

And you KNOW that unless you figure out how to free yourself, then you’re going to be stuck this way forever.

As a person who has weathered all of life’s storms and tried their best to do their best…

You DESERVE to be free to live life from the truth of who you are

You deserve to be able to overcome worry, anxiety & fear easily.

You deserve to be able to find and confidently live your purpose. 

You deserve to have a more profound sense of Spiritual connection.

You deserve to be able to shine your light out into the world.

You deserve to be a beacon of inspiration, hope & healing for others. 

You deserve to be able to be unapologetically YOU 

(no matter what anyone else thinks you should be).

“But how do I fully step onto the Spiritual path that I’m drawn to when my limiting beliefs are getting in the way?”

Well, you’ve got to lighten the load a little and start dismantling the beliefs that are keeping you from getting started in the first place:

“I’ll never know enough”

“I don’t have what it takes.”

“I’m scared I’ll fail.”

“I don’t trust myself.”

“I’m not worthy of a more Spiritually
connected, happy life.” 

Sound familiar?

All of the excuses you make up in your mind as to why you can’t do something ultimately boil down to the same thought:

‘I’ll never be good enough.”

But what does ‘good enough’ mean to you? 

Compared to who?

‘Good enough’ is an imaginary line that you’ve drawn in the sand of your own mind

If you’ve decided that ‘good enough’ means:

  • Knowing the most
  • Being the best
  • Being fearless
  • Being the perfect mother/daughter/wife
  • Being an enlightened being who
    floats through life in a state of spiritual bliss

Then you’re defeated before you’ve even had a chance to try.  

You’re stuck – not because you don’t feel good enough…

You’re stuck because ‘good enough’ is an impossible standard that you’ve set for yourself

It’s not your fault.

You live in a world where you’re bombarded with images of greatness on TV & Social Media, and anything less than perfect is an unacceptable goal.

When the goal is perfection, then the fear of failure sets in because deep down, you know that you’ll never be perfect

And you know what? 

That’s OK because nobody’s perfect. 

Drop the impossible standards. They are not serving you. 

As a human being on this earth, you’re already good enough.

But if you need a standard to measure yourself by, then make it this: 

Trying your best every day, no matter what.

Even if your best isn’t that great.

Even if you’re scared.

Even if you may fail.

(Hint: Anyone who’s ever succeeded at anything thinks like this)

Finally, free the real you that's been trapped underneath a lifetime of struggle

Sometimes, from your earthly perspective, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees 

In Shamanism, you learn to tap into guidance and healing from higher realms through a special practice called journeying. 

Your spirit-allies help you to navigate your life with more wisdom and clarity. 

Your guides help you along the path & offer the perspective and support you need to overcome whatever you are facing &  finally start living from the truth of who you are. 

Need help with self-sabotage? 

Consult your Spirit Guides.

Need help with personal healing? 

Ask your Spirit Guides.

Need help with clearing old negative patterns? 

Turn to your Spirit Guides.

As your struggles fall away, piece by piece, the more the real you shines through

As you shed your spiritual shackles, you become a clearer channel for spirit. 

In Shamanism we call it becoming ‘The Hollow Bone’. 

It doesn’t matter if:

  • You’re new to Spirituality. 
  • You’ve been surfing the Spiritual wave for years.
  • You’re already a healer or practitioner of some kind.

Clearing out the old negative ‘stuff’ to become a Hollow Bone is vital to your success.

That’s because…

When you have a strong, clear energetic foundation, and your spirit guides’ clarity, all parts of your life will improve

✓ Your mental health

✓ Your relationships

✓ Your work

✓ Your personal boundaries

✓ Your creativity

✓ Your healing abilities

✓ Your self-healing abilities

✓ Your confidence

✓ Your intuition

✓ Your connection

✓ Your sense of purpose

✓ Your sense of happiness

Everything will get better

In working with Shamanism, I've embraced new possibilities. "

“I  feel more balanced & I have less anxiety and more confidence to be who I am. I’m more present, so I can experience and react to the world more consciously, more fully and with more gratitude. I’m heading in the direction of embracing my true authentic self. I feel empowered and positive on this wonderful adventure”  

Sarah Jack


Just imagine if you could...

Re-discover your
sense of self-worth

Find freedom from blockages by understanding and working with them, rather than resisting them.

Discover how to practice self-care & live freely without guilt or shame.

Release the pain of past trauma and emotional wounds.

Learn to live without fear, resentment and blame.

Gain a new sense of clarity & personal empowerment

Wouldn't it be life-changing to be that spiritually clear, empowered person that lives life from the truth of who you are?

Without feeling scared, confused or overwhelmed? 

I can show you how.

The step-by-step Shamanic training program that helps you cultivate a more profound sense of spiritual connection, happiness and purpose.

This program leads you by the hand, section by section, through this transformational process so that you can:

Live in true alignment with the core of your being.

Know the joy that comes with consciously creating a life that you love.

Be a light bearer for your family, friends, and the world around you.

Shed all your feelings of unworthiness and live life from your truth.

Improve your relationships with the people you care about most.

Meet Your Shamanic Guide

(your Earthly one!) 

I’m Rhonda McCrimmon, Shamanic Practitioner and the founder of The Centre for Shamanism.

I have guided hundreds of people through developing a more profound sense of Spiritual connection, happiness and purpose.

Like you, I once lived a life that felt disconnected and unfulfilling…

Rhonda McCrimmon Founder of The Centre for Shamanism

I was plagued with feelings of ‘not good enough’.

I had no personal boundaries and was always giving away what little energy I had to everyone else. 

On the outside, I lived a very ‘successful’ life as an accountant.

On the inside, I was miserable. 

I tried therapy and medication, which never made any difference.

So I turned to self-help books.

I’d be continually devouring the next new spiritual ‘Shiny Object’

Each new book I read or person I followed would help me feel better for a short amount of time, but I’d fallen back into my old negative behaviours before I knew it. 

So I’d move onto the next thing.

Rinse and repeat.

For years! 

It took the death of my father to spur me into real action finally. 

He was very similar to me, had spent his life in depression and was never able to find a way out

no matter how many spiritual books he’d read and things he tried.

He died an unhappy man. 

I didn’t want to leave this world like that. 

I had to change. 

It was at that time I found Shamanism, and I threw myself into a three-year practitioner training. 

I was so determined to see that journey through to the end.

I would not leave this life in the same way that my father did.

What I learned changed my life forever. 

And it can change yours too. 

That’s why I’ve created this program.

To pass on the transformative tools that will set you on the path to a Spiritually connected and fulfilling life.

I am not:

  • Someone who tells you what to do,
    but not how to do it. 

  • Someone who uses vague language
    and is difficult to understand. 

My students say that I am an action-oriented, straight-talking teacher who shows you how to use ancient Shamanic techniques, coupled with modern wisdom, to help you overcome whatever is preventing you from living from the truth of who you are.  

Rhonda shines and her teachings
make so much sense"

“Her work seems to weave together all the things I am passionate about; it feels like coming home.”

Alice Bull

Alice Bull

Shamanism, the way Rhonda teaches it, has made me feel part of something truly special"

“I truly, truly love the sacred space you have created and appreciate your level of integrity and transparency.”

Rachel Williams



The Step-by-Step Shamanic Path to your Spiritual & Emotional Freedom

Here’s how it all breaks down:

Image of the course on a laptop


Build confidence in your Shamanic abilities & find freedom from

Instead of being the victim of your self-sabotaging behaviours, floundering around not knowing if you’re ‘getting it right’ or feeling scared that it’s all just your imagination, let’s build a solid foundation.

  • Build your confidence in your Shamanic work and yourself so that you can feel secure in your connection with your guides & intuition.

  • Overcome resistance & self-sabotage so you can move past the blocks that are holding you back.

  • Find a peaceful centre in your work so that you can confidently receive and interpret the wisdom and guidance of your Spirit Guides.

  • Take gentle, spirit-guided action to build new habits, so you can finally move forward and escape past patterns of stuck-ness.

  • Harness the positive momentum you’re already building so you can accelerate your transformation and easily speed over life’s road bumps.
photo of course on mobile phone


Clear out the old, reclaim your personal power & usher in a new beginning.

You’ve got the Shamanic confidence and momentum you need; so now, rather than living life not knowing who you REALLY are, it’s time to clear out all the stuff that’s standing in the way..

  • Overcome your inner shadows so you can say goodbye to the negative behaviours and mind-traps that keep you from being YOU. 

  • Free yourself from drama so that you can live in a more peaceful & intentional way.

  • Claim back your power and redefine your boundaries so you can find freedom from the expectations of others and live in the way that you intend.

  • Release yourself from the toxic effects of blame and self-blame so you can feel the real impact of forgiveness and self-love

  • Create a new story for yourself so you can move along a new, empowered and happy life-path. 


 Step into the role of the Spiritually empowered being & embrace your new truth.

FINALLY embody that powerful being who has a more profound sense of spiritual connection, purpose and happiness.

  • Move forward with true knowing of your new path and keep on track whenever life threatens to pull you in unwanted directions.

  • Learn to use your ‘inner compass’ so that you can always be guided toward the most healing solution of any situation.

  • Self-heal with nature so you can not just survive, but thrive.

  • Co-create ceremony with spirit so that you can bring about powerful change in yourself and the world.

  • Create your vision quest so that you can pull together everything you’ve learned and take it to the next level.
Image of Jenny Lynne Sessions


Advanced bonus training videos with Shamanic Elder Jenny Lynne Sessions to
create even more profound changes

Jenny Lynne Sessions is a Shamanic Elder & Practitioner based in Brighton, UK.

She has been adopted into the Lakota tradition and is a carrier of the Canupa Pipe. 

Fully embracing the core principle of ‘become your own medicine’ Jenny shows you how to identify your own healing needs so that you can become a clear vessel for the Healing Spirit to come through.

A true master teacher in the most humbling way"

“I am a huge fan of Jenny Lynne Sessions and her sincere, transparent, authentic way of telling it like it is and helping people to find their path.

Jenny is able to bring the lightness of spirit to the hero’s journey, which is precisely what it most needs.

I get the sense that there are no limits with the frameworks that she can facilitate. I’ve observed her work over the many good years that I’ve known her and always walk away with the smile of recognising a true master teacher in the most beautiful and humbling way”

Maria AC

Starting from Scratch? 

Get access to our short beginners training course so you can move into The Apprenticeship with ease.

Straightforward, easy to understand teachings that you can start implementing & benefiting from right away

Not next Monday. Not next week. Right Now

I have developed a method of teaching that is simple and easy to follow so that you can get the most of the course without feeling confused or overwhelmed.

It’s been designed so you can easily  track your progress and share your experiences of each unit. That way  you’ll never feel lost!

Take a sneak peak inside the course: 

This program is self-paced so it can easily fit into any schedule

On demand Video Training On Laptop & Mobile

Monthly Live Q&A’s

Facebook Community

Personalised Feedback

Downloadable Workbooks

Downloadable Audio Resources & Journey Tracks

Downloadable PDF’s


Get all the support you need inside a loving, encouraging private Facebook community

so you can feel confident & connected
on your journey of self-discovery.

When it comes to all of the books and content online about Spirituality, it can feel like you’re drinking information from a firehose. 

You’re left feeling overwhelmed and doubting your experiences with no one to turn to when you need help – it can become a lonely & defeating experience. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the spiritual support you need from experienced practitioners?

And be part of a community of like-minded souls who are on the same path?

Now you can with lifetime access to the private member’s Facebook community.

A wonderful tribe of like-minded individuals who are on the same journey as you and who’ve got your back, every step of the way.

Get personalised feedback, unit by unit, so you know you’re on the path to freedom.

facebook units on laptop

Each unit of the course has a corresponding unit in the Facebook group where you can share your experiences and ask me any questions relating to that unit.

This is an excellent source of information where you can keep track of your progress, get personalised guidance from me and learn from the experiences of your fellow students.

I feel very held & supported on the course"

‘I really like reading other people’s responses and experiences on the FB groups; it’s nice to see that other people are having similar and differing experiences.

Toni FJ


Ask questions and get guidance live in our monthly Q&A sessions so you can get clarity & momentum whenever you need it.

Along with my Guides, I’m always here to support you. 

It’s always encouraging to have live, face to face time with your teacher.

That’s why I’ll be going LIVE in the group, every single month. 

That way we can make sure that we’re really getting to the heart of any burning questions you may have.

You answered all of my questions!"

Thank you so much for this Q&A session. You answered all of the questions I had without me having to ask them! 

Hanne Bjerkvik


I always learn so much"


Thank you once again for a fabulous offering. I always learn so much.

Candice Adamczak


Personalised Feedback


Unit-by-Unit Support

Plus! access our special
‘Spiritual Emergency Room’ so you can get fast relief from the struggles of life.

Access 10+ Healing Circles for those times when you need an energy shift or healing right away. 

Just choose whichever Healing resonates with you and let Spirit come through so that you can move forward in a lighter, more positive way.

A weight has been lifted from my entire body."

The healing circles always give me such relief. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my entire body.

Mharie D


A course that evolves just like we do on a 'soul-ular' level

As the needs of my students grow and change, so will the Apprenticeship. 

I’m committed to making sure that you have EVERYTHING you need to start living life truthfully, from the core of your being. 

You get lifetime access to the Apprenticeship and ALL of the new content that is added in the future.

Students say this program is
"the most liberating thing I've ever done"

Photograph of Gill Laing Student

Gill improved her relationships, tapped into her joy, and found her power.

“Before joining, I felt I had some spiritual connection but was fully aware I was disconnected to myself in a lot of ways. I was searching to find out what my purpose in life was as my whole life I have relied on other people influencing me to make life decisions. 

My self-worth was low. I had such a feeling that I didn’t belong anywhere. I was lost.

The Apprenticeship has made me feel like I actually have a voice, my own voice and I want to share it. I have started to fill in the jigsaw pieces of my life and really started to understand the why, and realise that my life has been made up of other people’s stories, now I want to have my own. 

I am making an effort now to put myself first without guilt, and it feels good. The most important thing is I know what I need to work on, and even though I don’t know exactly how to do it, I know I will find a way.

This journey has reconnected me with nature; it feels very powerful now. I now enjoy my garden and love working with the earth. 

I actually feel my relationships with my mum, husband, son, sister, mother in law have become so joyful. I laugh a lot now and really appreciate those moments of joy.

I must admit the whole course has had such an impact. Working with shadow was the most significant light bulb moment for me. All my life, I have thought I was dealing with guilt but doing the unit about shadow helped me understand that it was, in fact, shame. I did, however, find sharing my story the most liberating thing I have ever done.

I am truly grateful for this experience. Thank you.”

Gill Laing

Mia escaped her self-destructing patterns and is finally excited about her future again.

Before joining, I had been working on myself and observing the patterns of my behaviour, but I was still sometimes struggling to see what was happening until it was too late. I still was rarely able to stop whatever pattern was playing out. 

Spiritually, quite frankly I had been going around in circles for a long time with my spiritual path. Every different thing that felt so right to me combined looked so disjointed and random. I had been trying to make sense of it for a few years, trying to fit myself with a label to research and try to find out more about who/what I am. I didn’t understand the connection between all the parts.

I knew it was time for a change, a big change. I knew I needed to stand up. I knew I was still in grief. I knew I had a lot to heal still, and I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

I find it difficult to put into words how much I have changed. The biggest things, without doubt, are the lifting of the grief/weight that I had been carrying for a long time and the peace that I feel within myself. 

 My anxiety and general stress levels have dropped. I am excited again about life and the future, even in these times. I feel supported and worthy of support.

The quiet changes that I have been making for myself are having a knock-on effect. My husband is following suit, in his own way, without me saying anything. 

 Change is flowing.

 I would say that the journeys and just as importantly, the sharing with and of others journey experiences, have made a massive impact because I feel so connected and actually confident that I am experiencing what I need to be for me.

Understanding the boundaries and self-sabotage themes has been very helpful. Just taking my time and slowly integrating what I am learning into my everyday life and applying it. I love that you always give examples of how either you have used something or ways that we may do so.”

 Mia Davis 

Experience the healing power of Shamanism in your life risk free for 60 days

The Apprenticeship Guarantee

If, after 60 days of doing the work & making your way through the Apprenticeship, having your questions answered on the live Q&As or within the group, you don’t feel like you are moving in the right direction towards a more spiritually connected, happy & purposeful life…

…simply send a quick email to  support@centreforshamanism.com along with a little bit about why this hasn’t worked for you and we’ll be happy to refund your investment.  (See terms)


For just £7 a day for the next 31 days

You can learn to start living truthfully, from the core of your being

As an Apprenticeship student you get:


✓ The Entire Apprenticeship 3-phase program

£897 value

✓ The Full Resources Library with Drumming Tracks & PDF guides

£97 Value

✓ Advanced Shamanic Training Workshops with Jenny Lynne Sessions

£397 value

✓ Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook support group

£297 per year value

✓ Monthly Q&As with Rhonda

£420 Per year value

✓Healing Circle Library with on demand audio tracks

£97 value

✓Lifetime access to all future updates

Plus! You get 60 days to try it our risk-free. 

Image of Rhonda McCrimmon on a desktop computer

Enrolment is closing this month while we re-vamp and improve this Apprenticeship.  This re-vamp will come along with a price increase, so now is the time to lock in your forever access at this price.

And this month only, I’m offering a longer payment plan which is more cash flow friendly. Don’t miss out.

Enrolment closing in:

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All payments are processed securely through Stripe or Paypal

60-Day Guarantee

Begin to experience a transformation within 60 days or your money back.

Custom Payment Plans Available

I have done my best to keep the price of this Apprenticeship as low as possible for you  I am however still very aware that these prices may still be out of reach for some people.

If you still want to join the Apprenticeship but are unable to afford the one-off payment or the payment plan then please get in touch to discuss the possibility of a tailored payment plan to suit your needs. 

If you need help ordering or have any other questions you can also contact us at support@centreforshamanism.com


“How long before I notice changes in my life?”

…and answers to other important questions:

That is a great question with a simple answer:

It’s impossible to ‘get this wrong.’ 

Shamanism is about ‘Direct Revelation’ meaning ‘what is right for you, is right for you’.

Not everyone ‘sees’ their journeys in technicolour. Some of us feel. Some of us sense. It’s about opening up to the knowledge that is already there.

There’s a whole unit on this at the beginning so no need to bog yourself down with the details here. 

But again with the 60-day money-back guarantee, there’s no need to worry. 

If for any reason this doesn’t fit for you, then I’m happy to refund your investment. 

The quick answer is no. Often with spiritual teachings, things can become complicated or confusing. 

My students value how simple and easy the teachings are to understand and implement.

 My intention is for you to enjoy this journey, not to have to slog your way through it feeling overwhelmed. 

I’m glad you asked, and it is a genuine concern for some people. 

What would the neighbours or my family think? 

You don’t have to worry. I promise

Becoming a Shamanic person is different from being a Shaman in an indigenous tribe. 

The work is internal, and you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do. 

Although getting dressed up for ceremonies is something that I love to do. 

It’s all about what works for you. 

In my experience, my students are starting to feel a shift within a few days and profound changes in a couple of weeks. 

Here’s a quote from one of my students:

‘I just want to say thank you! I feel so full of joy and such deep gratitude to have found Rhonda, Jenny and this beautiful sacred space that has been created for us.

 I have been on the apprenticeship course for less than a month, and the difference I am feeling is just amazing.

 I have also had the most breathtaking journeying, astounding direct revelations (that I now trust) and even more profound understanding of myself.

All this and only 20% of the way through the first level of the course

I am so excited for the rest of the course.’

Everyone is different and it may take a little longer depending on your own personality & dedication

The support. 

Often, without the proper support and guidance, your spiritual efforts just fizzle out into nothing. 

That’s why I’ve designed this apprenticeship with the support you need to keep the positive momentum going. Inside this program, you never feel lost, lonely, or confused on your journey. So you can finally make it through to the end!

Yes, this is a self-paced course so you can hop in whenever it’s convenient for you..

The minimum time it takes to complete will be fifteen weeks. 

But here’s the thing.

If you’re serious about freeing the REAL you, then you’ll find the time. 

You could get up 30 minutes earlier or replace your Saturday night Netflix binge with some lessons instead. 

The time will pass either way. It’s up to you where you want to be in a few months from now. 

But my promise to you is to make this as easy as it can be for you and get you seeing results FAST.

While this course doesn’t qualify you to work with clients, it will genuinely enhance any other practice that you are trained in. For example:  

  • You’ll have stronger energetic boundaries which will stop any unwanted transference to and from clients.

  • You’ll be a clearer channel for the healing of spirit to come through you to your clients, so your healing will be more impactful.

  • You’ll have a variety of healing guides that you can call on to work on behalf of your client. 

After this program, those interested will have the opportunity to join my Shamanic Practitioner training and certification program (coming in 2021)


Karen is setting boundaries for the first time in her life

“Before starting The Apprenticeship, I was drained, and I couldn’t understand why. 

My self-esteem has never been high, and I have never trusted my instincts. I have always had a belief in something but not Gods. I just knew that there was positive energy and negative. And I sort of had an idea that I am energetically affected by both.

I began my journey to find out who I was when I turned 50. I started changing how I want to live my life, becoming who I was meant to be.

Because of The Apprenticeship, for the first time EVER, I have set some boundaries.

I understand some of the reasons now why I do and feel the way I do, I have a deeper connection to the earth and myself, and I can let go of other people’s drama and not get caught up in it.

 Some wins from The Apprenticeship are:

  • more confidence in myself and my intuition.
  • Setting the boundaries has given me more respect at work.
  • I can see more clearly other people’s intentions.

Shamanic journeying has made such a massive impact for me. I just did not know that I had the answers to so much stuff inside me. I’m learning to trust and interpret those stories.

I also find great joy and comfort in seeing my discernment guides everywhere.”

 Karen Moorcroft

sarah jack

Sarah has found profound healing and is discovering her true-self again.

“Before The Apprenticeship, I was lost. I was disconnected from myself and the world, yet I felt a spiritual calling towards Shamanism. 

I felt that because I hadn’t been listening, Spirit turned my life upside down to put me on the path I’m meant to travel.

I was looking for connection, belonging, opening up, purpose and finding my true self. I was neither happy nor unhappy, yet I was both, it depended on what day you asked me.

I knew I wasn’t the person I used to be but didn’t recognise who I am now.

I joined the Apprenticeship as I felt it could help me understand Shamanism better and how it needed to fit into my life. 

The Apprenticeship has given me more confidence through understanding.

I’ve gone back and deepened my practice with some therapies, now with more conviction & I’m now seeing more results with them. 

I’m learning who my true self is, and that’s exciting. 

 I’m receiving more understanding of what I need to do to get to where I want to be all the time. 

 An unexpected benefit from The Apprenticeship is that I love shadow work. It’s not pretty but facing it is all part of the adventure of life and is giving me an understanding of why I am who I am and working in the shadows will bring me towards my true self. The deeper I venture into the shadows, the more profound the healing.

Journeying & the connection to my guides have been so impactful for me. The healing & advice received, and things I’m sure I could not have known have come to me in this space.  

It’s a beautiful journey, an adventure to wholly embrace and throw myself into whatever the challenge.”

Sarah Jack

Are you ready to walk the Shamanic path? Here’s how you know:

  • You’re new to Spirituality or Shamanism & you want to ‘get it right’ but you just don’t know where to start or who to listen to.

  • You’ve had enough of the REAL you being stuck behind an avalanche of false beliefs, pain & past trauma & are ready to free yourself once & for all.

  • You don’t want to feel confused or isolated on this extraordinary journey & you know that having the support of experienced practitioners who understand where you’re coming from & honestly care about your progress is what is going to get you over the finish line. 

    (Along with the support of your fantastic tribe of fellow Spiritual Seekers)

  • You know that the Universe has drawn you towards Shamanism for a reason & you’re excited to discover it’s life-changing power.

  • You’re already a healer or practitioner of some kind, and you’re looking forward to becoming an even clearer channel for the Healing Spirit to come through.

  • You’re ready to do whatever it takes to open up the doors to a future where you truly embody that shining, empowered person that you know you carry within. 

  • You’ve already committed to personal change, & are working towards it, but now you need a more structured & supported approach to catalyse your growth.  

  • You believe that you can live a more Spiritually connected, purposeful & happy life. A life where you live truthfully, from the core of your being & your heart is excited, pulling you towards that beautiful outcome. 

  • You’ve been overwhelmed & let down before. Or, when it comes to Spirituality, feel like there’s just TOO MUCH information out there & you’re feeling a renewed sense of optimism to try my easy to follow, 3-phase Apprenticeship. A program that will take you by the hand, from where you are now, to a place of empowerment, happiness & purpose. 

  • You feel safe knowing that you have 60 days to test the waters. Either you do the work & experience more profound shifts in your spiritual progress in the next 60 days than ever before, or you send us a quick message & we’ll refund your investment. 

I just have one final question for you…

Aren't you ready to leave the old, anxious, and scared version of you behind... FOREVER?

I think you’ve suffered long enough 

It’s time to finally find your freedom inside The Apprenticeship.

Lots of students are already experiencing that Shamanism can free them from a Spiritually disconnected life trapped under the weight of past trauma, pain and hurt.

It’s time to step into a life of spiritual connection, soul-satisfying purpose, and lasting happiness.


There IS a version of you who is waiting to shine brightly and FINALLY live their truth:

If you’re ready to set yourself free, you need The Apprenticeship.

If you’re ready to be a source of inspiration & healing to others, you need The Apprenticeship.

If you’re ready to shed the old limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living a life that you love, you need The Apprenticeship.

If you’re ready to stop feeling lost in life and start living your purpose, you need The Apprenticeship.

If you’re ready to bravely step into the role of the Spiritually connected, purposeful and happy Shamanic being, you need The Apprenticeship

You’re ready for this. And we both know it

I can’t wait to welcome you inside The Apprenticeship.



✓ The Entire Apprenticeship 3-phase program

£897 value

✓ The Full Resources Library with Drumming Tracks & PDF guides

£97 Value

✓ Advanced Shamanic Training Workshops with Jenny Lynne Sessions

£397 value

✓ Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook support group

£297 per year value

✓ Monthly Q&As with Rhonda

£420 Per year value

✓Healing Circle Library with on demand audio tracks

£97 value

✓Lifetime access to all future updates

Plus! You get 60 days to try it our risk-free. 

Image of Rhonda McCrimmon on a desktop computer

Enrolment is closing this month while we re-vamp and improve this Apprenticeship.  This re-vamp will come along with a price increase, so now is the time to lock in your forever access at this price.

And this month only, I’m offering a longer payment plan which is more cash flow friendly. Don’t miss out.

Enrolment closing in:

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Check Out With Confidence

All payments are processed securely through Stripe or Paypal

60-Day Guarantee

Begin to experience a transformation within 60 days or your money back.

Custom Payment Plans Available

I have done my best to keep the price of this Apprenticeship as low as possible for you  I am however still very aware that these prices may still be out of reach for some people.

If you still want to join the Apprenticeship but are unable to afford the one-off payment or the payment plan then please get in touch to discuss the possibility of a tailored payment plan to suit your needs. 

If you need help ordering or have any other questions you can also contact us at support@centreforshamanism.com

This Apprenticeship has shown me that I'm so much more than I am"

“At the beginning of this apprenticeship I was a boat drifting aimlessly through life. With no real vision/path but weighted down with so much baggage, going round in circles, spinning in my illusionary beliefs. This apprenticeship has reconnected me to my inner child and my authentic self. It has shown me I am so much more than I am. I am unbecoming everything that is not me & working towards everything I am. This is the start of my journey”

Gill Laing


I feel free to be me"

“I feel free to be me and that the past no longer has the right to hold me back. I now feel I deserve my dreams and to have joy when it happens. What a beautiful gift”

Alice Bull

Alice Bull


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