Discover the Gifts of Celtic Shamanism

Who were your Celtic Ancestors? 

What were their Spiritual Practices? 

How can you connect more deeply to the power of the Celts that runs through your veins? 

When you don’t know the truth about your ancestors,  you can often feel adrift in this Spiritual landscape. 

Uncertain of where you fit in or how to practice your spirituality in a way that doesn’t take from the closed practices of other cultures

Some don’t feel like they need to know, but for some, feeling part of a line that stretches back into ages offers a sense of  Spiritual belonging and purpose.

Unfortunately, since the rise of Shamanism & Neopaganism in the west, there has been an influx of fantasy and misinformation about our Celtic Ancestors & practices

We incorrectly label many stories, myths, legends, and practices as Celtic, but they are, in fact, modern inventions. 

At The Centre for Shamanism, we’re trying to set the record straight. 

We are working closely with Celtic Scholar, Seer and Shamanic practitioner Sam MacLaren.

Sam has devoted her life to unearthing authentic indigenous British/Celtic shamanic practices (more accurately described as Seership) through her private tuition with Harvard Celtic Scholar Sharon Paice MacLeod and her current BA in Celtic Studies with the University of Wales Trinity St. David.

Sam has offered us many eye-opening & transformative workshops here at The Centre for Shamanism, and we’d like to make them available to you today. 

It's time to open yourself up to truth of your heritage


The Foundations of Celtic Shamanism

A series of eight separate workshops, each designed to help you begin to uncover the truth behind the myths of Celtic Spirituality so you can honour & connect with the ancient practices of your ancestors.


The Foundations of Celtic Shamanism

Imbolc ~ Beltane  ~ Lughnasad ~ Samhain

Summer Solstice ~ Winter Solstice

Plus a bonus workshop: 

Introduction to the Celtic Wheel of Wisdom

With Sam MacLaren

Seer & Celticist 

The workshops in this offer are JAM PACKED with academic facts about ancient Celtic practices, so you can be sure that the information you’re getting is the real stuff.

What's Included?

Introduction to Celtic Spirituality

In this workshop you’ll learn: 

✅ The history of the Celts, who they were and where they came from so that you can deepen your connection to your ancestors.

✅ The nine fundamentals of a Celtic Spiritual life so you can start to live in a way that aligns with the Ancestral lines you belong to. 

✅ All about the ‘Well of Wisdom” & ‘The Five Streams’ so that you can access the infinite source of your power and train your five inner senses to vastly improve your shamanic experience.

✅ The Nine Celtic Elements of Creation so that you can connect more deeply with all aspects of creation beyond the standard earth, air, fire, water approach.


Ancient Medicine Modern World

In this workshop you’ll learn:

✅ How your Ancestors used sound to heal, to release fear and to bring about a sense of renewal within their bodies – they had access to knowledge we’re only just beginning to understand today; the role of the Vagus nerve and sound for healing. 

✅ About the body’s internal ‘Tree of Life’, the Vagus Nerve, its basic anatomy, function, and what happens when things go wrong.

This will give you a deeper understanding of the effects of stress, PTSD, anxiety and panic disorders, and depressive and stress-related illnesses, and how you can effectively reverse them.

✅  Specific postures and breathwork exercises designed to stimulate the Vagus Nerve.

These will give you immediate sensations of relaxation and ease within the self, helping restore homeostasis and facilitate deep healing and regeneration with regular practice.

✅  To undertake a deep shamanic journey along the River of Time, to connect with a future version of yourself who is prospering in a way that is most meaningful to you at this time, whether that is physically, financially, mentally, or spiritually.

You will then merge with that version of yourself so you can ensure you achieve your future goals.

✅ To use specific vocal sounds to activate the three main power centres (The Three Cauldrons), where clusters of Vagal nerve fibres converge.

This will increase the all-important ‘Vagal tone’, allowing the practitioner to release trauma, fear and stress-energy from mind and body. With regular practice, this will increase resilience, improve immunity, and lower cortisol levels in the body allowing healing from many stress-related illnesses and diseases.

✅  All about ‘Poly-Vagal Theory’ and how it corresponds with the Celtic Medicine of The Three Cauldrons.

This will demonstrate the power and relevance of the ancient Celtic Tradition medicine and highlight the incredible depth of understanding our ancestors had access to.

I feel so connected to my Ancestors

There’s so much I never knew. These workshops have been crucial for me in my journey to discover the Shamanic practices of my Ancestors. I feel so connected to them now! 

Bee Milner


Walk The Bardic Way

In this workshop you’ll learn: 

✅ The known history of Bealltainn (Beltane), and some of the ways our ancestors celebrated it so you can better understand this powerful time of year. 

✅ The deities associated with this time of year so you can connect on a deeper level.

✅ The role of the bard in Celtic society, and why they were so important.How to connect with the energy of Imbas Forosnai/Awen so you can use it in your practice. 

✅ The animals and plants associated with this time of year. 

✅ To connect with the ancient energy of this powerful time of year so you can bring the energy of fertility, power, joy and abundance into your existence, and forward into your future. 

✅  To connect with the power of the Bards so you can bring forth words of power from the Divine flow of energy and create healing and empowering chants, charms and invocations.

I feel reborn

I am so grateful!. Love and such blessings. 

Helen Hills



Summer Solstice

Walk The Spiral Labyrinth

In this workshop you will:

Debunk some myths behind the Summer Solstice so you can gain a clearer understanding of how the Celts would have marked this time of year. 

✅ Go on a guided journey to uncover your deeper unmet needs and wants concerning your current situation and past situations so you can better understand the energies that keep you stuck. 

✅ Learn to use the power of the spiral labyrinth so you can heal from and release whatever those energies are and reach a point where all the forces in your inner life are in harmony.

Wow. Genuinely lost for words.

Just a truly incredible, emotional, eye-opening experience. Just such simple movements and techniques with massive results. And that journey at the end was just amazing and emotional

Kelly Crimmins


A Journey Through Time

In this workshop you will:

✅ Learn about the folkloric aspects of Lughnasad from accurate academic sources. You will learn how the ancients celebrated the festival and its meaning to gain a much deeper understanding of the festival, which will help with the journeys that follow.

Learn about the identity of Lug (Lugh) based on the primary source material and dispel some myths around his function, which have arisen as a result of neo-pagan interference.

✅ Discover his legend and why he was known as Samildánach (multi-skilled) so that you can gain a firm and accurate grounding in the history of this deity.

✅ Journey to a Lughnasad festival, following the River of Time into the past and participate in the revelry so that you can uncover a much deeper connection with the energy of this time of year.

✅ Discover a deeper insight into how our ancestors celebrated and why they attached so much power and importance to Lughnasad.

Journey to meet Lug Lamfáda. You will work in ceremony to bring this powerful deity into our presence; then, you will journey to work with him. This journey will enable you to get closer to the deity in an authentic way and receive whatever healing or teaching you require at this time.

On-Demand Viewing

Lifetime Access

Embracing the Darkness

In this workshop you will:

Gain a firm understanding of the Celtic customs & themes surrounding the celebration of Samhain. This will give you a foundation of factual and accurate information so you can move forward with your Journeys more confidently. 

Discover the Celt’s attitude to death (as recorded in the earliest literature), so you can embody a sense of the Celtic worldview concerning death & the otherworld. This will help you understand any symbolism that may occur in the journeys you undertake in this workshop. 

✅ Learn about the North of the Celtic Medicine Wheel, which will offer a greater understanding of Samhain as a whole and how our ancestors integrated suffering and loss as an expected part of life, rather than running from it; and how you can do the same. 

✅  Take a Celtic Imm-ra journey to meet the goddess Morrigan who will specifically help you with this work. As the goddess of battle and death, she will offer guidance and possible healing or training before you undertake the journey that follows. This will prepare you and strengthen you so that you may overcome any fear.

Alleviate any fear you have around death & dying by taking a Middle World journey to meet your own personification of Death. Death is part of us – it is always standing just behind us.

Death is always a wise and powerful guide and may surprise you with what it has to say.

Your workshops never fail to create a huge movement in my life

Wow. I might need to come back to write something more comprehensive but for now, wow. I just feel so at peace. Thank you Sam. 

kelly Crimmins

The Winter Solstice

In this workshop you will:

✅ Look deeply into yourself as an energy being and work on energetic cleansing through the power of the Three Cauldrons – the ancient Irish wisdom of body energy – so that you can come into energetic alignment and balance. 

✅ Meditate in each energy centre and intiate the necessary cleansing, clearing and re-balancing of each one so that you can experience a feeling of clarity and inner harmony and peace

✅ Empower each energy centre through the use of Imbas Forosnai (Divine Illumination) and connect yourself to Higher Wisdom so that you can create a fertile energetic space ready for the seeds of new life to emerge.

Journey to connect with the energy of the Sun to ask for guidance, healing and illumination, and to ask for the blessing of its power and vitality so you can fill yourself with its revitalising, restorative energies.

I really felt something shifting

Wow! That was such an amazing workshop! Loved the exercises & the journey was so lovely, again hope, happiness, contentment and wisdom. Bless you Sam for sharing your wisdom

Yvonne Starrs

Get all seven workshops PLUS a completely FREE bonus workshop:

Introduction to The Celtic Wheel of Wisdom

Through her extensive research, Sam has uncovered evidence of an Authentic Celtic Medicine Wheel.  This work has been endorsed by Harvard educated Celtic expert & scholar, Sharon Paice MacLeod. 

Contrary to popular belief, no one has ever uncovered any real evidence of a Celtic Medicine Wheel.

Until now. 

Any descriptions of Celtic medicine wheels that currently exist are not based on academic facts and are, in fact, modern-day inventions. 

Learn all about this wonderful healing tool that the Celts used. 

✅ Hear the story of how through her academic research Sam uncovered the truth about the existence of this wheel.

✅ Discover what the Celts actually associated with each direction of the wheel.

✅ Learn how the Celts used the wheel to gain spiritual balance.

Hear how Sam used the Celtic wheel to help her to overcome an extremely challenging life experience so you can better understand the power of this wheel and how you can use it in your life. 

And more…

Totally mind blowing. This is what I've been searching for for much of my life.

Sonia Parker

Finally, the knowledge you’ve been seeking.

If you’re ready to learn the truth about your true spiritual origins,

If you’re ready to stop feeling adrift in this spiritual world

If you’re ready to step into the role that your Ancestors carved out for you.

Then you can’t pass up this opportunity. 

The time has come. 

The Foundations of Celtic Shamanism

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Yes, knowing how to safely Journey is  necessary for the workshops in this series.

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Loved this!

Lots of new beginnings today and I’m so grateful for having Sam in my life and the amazing tools she is providing me with.

Mharie Dinsdale

The Foundations of Celtic Shamanism

Get all workshops for a single payment today of just:


Sold separately, these workshops would cost £159 – that’s a massive 40% discount!  

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