To the person who wants to connect more deeply to their Guides...

Wouldn’t it be nice to have another tool in your arsenal that will help you connect with the Spirit world? 

Like Tarot cards, for instance…


…the noise of life, your thoughts, or the allure of external distractions can get in the way of your spiritual connection.

Maybe you overthink and feel overwhelmed by the possibilities in your cards so you bury your head in the sand.

Perhaps you struggle to retain your personal power and look to others to validate you and your messages?

It’s essential to take your whole self (mind, body, spirit, soul) with you when communicating with your Guides and Tarot is no exception.

That’s why we created this confidence building Tarot workshop. Join us and learn how to more confidently connect and communicate with your Spirit Guides through the magic of Tarot during the quiet Winter months.

Jayne & Maria

Co-creators @

Fire Hearted Life


The Fools Journey

Finding Meaning with Tarot

Sunday 30th Oct | 6pm – 8pm GMT

You do not need a Tarot deck to participate in this workshop!

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Live Workshop

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Lifetime Access

In this two-hour live workshop you will: 

Learn to understand your blocks to connection so that you can build a clearer, more resonant relationship with your deck/s

Explore why respect and boundaries with Tarot can expand rather than restrict connection so you can experience a more meaningful personal practise

Learn a variety of useful key features of your Tarot deck so you can increase your card knowledge and develop your own unique tarot reading style.

Get clear on the scope of your Tarot cards so you can be confident in the messages you receive

Experience the tangible ways that Tarot can aid your life as a tool for self growth so you can find momentum on your current healing Journey.

Get together in our Circle Community chat space so you can discuss and get support with your Tarot reading skills.

Join Jayne & Maria LIVE Online
Sunday 30th October 6pm – 8pm GMT

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Yes, there will be a replay

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What others say about Maria & Jayne’s workshops: 

I have worked with Jayne & Maria over the last 9 months… I had totally lost my way and the feeling for who I actually am.  With their support I managed to find my way out of a very dark place.  It has been a lot of hard work and I could not have done it without them.  I have learned so much.  Be it through Talking Therapy, Tarot Readings, Energy Healing or my Full Astrological Birth chart things have become clearer and clearer.  I actually feel like I am on the right path



The work I have done with Maria and Jayne has been the catalyst for so much positive change, I can feel it within myself and notice it in my relationships and parenting too.  Working with them has meant I have been able to build my confidence and live in the ways that I always knew I could but didn’t for so many reasons



How do I know if this workshop is for me? 

Great question.

If you’re feeling drawn to your Tarot deck, but lack confidence or basic knowledge: This is the place for you.

Tarot is not too esoteric or specialised to delve into for self, and cultivating your own relationship with Tarot is entirely possible.

This is the place to learn how fun & exciting Tarot can be!

There are no complicated criteria for joining this workshop. And spiritual seekers of all experience levels are welcome.

"How much experience do I need?"

And answers to other smart questions:

You don’t need any experience to join this workshop. An understanding of opening and closing sacred space is ideal but not essential.

Yes, this event is held online.

The power of a group to connect isn’t hampered by distance or time and we can all receive great benefit by coming together in circle, even if we can’t be physically together. 

Yes, a pen and a notebook to record your experiences and take notes.

Headphones can help with the sound quality. 

Bring a Tarot deck if you have one but it’s not essential.

The is a live time converter in the pricing box. If that isn’t working then click here to go to world time buddy and see what time this event will be in your part of the world

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Yes, there will be a replay posted in your Community space, and as always we include all participants through space and time so that you can benefit from this workshop whenever you listen to it. 

No, this is non a members discounted event.

Once you add it to your cart and head on over to the checkout, the price will automatically show in whatever currency you use based on your location. 

Yes, there will be a Community space available in Circle (like Facebook groups) where Maria and Jayne will be available for a limited time to answer questions and support your Tarot reading forays!

Jayne and Maria are valued members of The Centre for Shamanism. They joined us humbly and with fire hearted courage when facing the inner work required to offer bold, effective practitionership. I am honoured to have them as part of our Community, as colleagues and couldn’t be happier that they agreed to host this workshop for us. I can’t wait!


Rhonda McCrimmon

Join Jayne & Maria LIVE Online
Sunday 30th Oct
6pm – 8pm GMT

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The price will be displayed in your currency (based on your location) at checkout.

Yes, there will be a replay

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