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In the Ancient medicine Wheel of our Celtic ancestors, the direction of North corresponds with Samhain, winter, and themes of hardship, battling, conflict, fear, death and rebirth.

No one can deny that the world is currently experiencing that battling, fearful energy of the North at this time.

Whether that’s through contact with or loss due to the pandemic, the effects of fear, stress, anger, disappointment, disillusionment, lockdown & trauma that is pervading the consciousness of many at this time. 

We have political unrest and division alongside a strong need for change and revolution.

These are all aspects of the north on the Celtic Medicine Wheel. 

At this time of Imbolc & Spring,  we’re moving out of the North and into the East.

The east, the next direction on the wheel, represents the emergence of new energy and new life.

So how do we foster this sense of healing, releasing of fear and renewal within ourselves?

Our ancestors would have used the power of ritual, song, dance, or tribal gatherings on sacred hilltops around an enormous fire in ancient times. 

They would share food, drink stories and make offerings to the Gods. 

But what can we do in these times where we can’t do as our ancestors would have done? 

Well, we can work with the part of our bodies that is stimulated by those activities:

The Vagus Nerve. 

The Vagus Nerve is the master and commander of our mind-body connection. 

It is mainly responsible for homeostasis within the body, that feeling of balance, peace and good health that we need in the body and mind. 

Poly Vagal Theory indicates that human beings exist in one of three possible states at any given time. 

The first and most desirable state is homeostasis, where the nervous system is functioning optimally, and we feel safe, balanced, socially engaged and healthy. 

The second state is known as the ‘Spinal Sympathetic Chain’ and corresponds to our ‘fight or flight’ response.

When we are faced with danger or threat, this circuit is activated and gives an extra push of adrenalin to help us either fight our way out of trouble or run away fast. 

For example, people with anxiety disorders are continually stuck in this circuit, often due to psychological trauma. 

The third state is known as the ‘Dorsal Vagal Circuit, which corresponds with shutdown, dissociation and imminent death. 

People who have suffered violent physical trauma/abuse can find themselves stuck in this circuit, suffering from chronic depression, agoraphobia, addiction and PTSD. 

Stimulating the Vagus nerve can have miraculous healing effects on people stuck in these fear states.

It can alleviate the stress and fear responses and place people back into their ‘Ventral Vagal Circuit’ of harmony and balance.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to re-enter that state of harmony and balance?


Ancient Medicine, Modern World

A Very Special Workshop with Sam MacLaren

Sam Pic

Join me, Sam Maclaren, in this workshop based on modern theory & knowledge which was known to many ancient cultures, including our Celtic ancestors.

Sam MacLaren has devoted her life to unearthing authentic indigenous British/Celtic shamanic practices, more accurately described as Seership, though her private tuition with Harvard Celtic Scholar Sharon Paice MacLeod, and her ongoing BA in Celtic Studies with the University of Wales Trinity St. David.

In this workshop you will:

✅   Learn about the body’s internal ‘Tree of Life’, the Vagus Nerve, its basic anatomy, function, and what happens when things go wrong .

This will give you a deeper understanding of the effects of stress, PTSD, anxiety and panic disorders, and depressive and stress-related illnesses, and how you can effectively reverse them.

✅  Learn specific postures and breathwork exercises designed to stimulate the Vagus Nerve.

These will give you immediate sensations of relaxation and ease within the self, helping restore homeostasis and facilitate deep healing and regeneration with regular practice.

✅   Undertake a deep shamanic journey along the River of Time, to connect with a future version of yourself who is prospering in a way that is most meaningful to you at this time, whether that is physically, financially, mentally, or spiritually.

You will then merge with that version of yourself so you can ensure you achieve your future goals.

✅  Learn to use specific vocal sounds to activate the three main power centres (The Three Cauldrons), where clusters of Vagal nerve fibres converge.

This will increase the all-important ‘Vagal tone’, allowing the practitioner to release trauma, fear and stress-energy from mind and body. With regular practice, this will increase resilience, improve immunity, and lower cortisol levels in the body allowing healing from many stress-related illnesses and diseases.

✅   Learn about ‘Poly-Vagal Theory’ and how it corresponds with the Celtic Medicine of The Three Cauldrons.

This will demonstrate the power and relevance of the ancient Celtic Tradition medicine and highlight the incredible depth of understanding our ancestors had access to.

“Wow. Genuinely lost for words. Just a truly incredible, emotional, eye-opening experience”

Kelly Crimmins

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Never has it been more important to tune into our body's needs and counter the effects of stress, fear and hardship

If you want to develop an amazing toolkit for letting go of stress, letting go of fear & healing your mind and body during these troubling times, sign up today! 

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Wow. Genuinely lost for words. Just a truly incredible, emotional, eye-opening experience. Just such simple movements and techniques with massive results. And that journey at the end was just amazing and emotional.

Kelly Crimmins

Wow! That was such an amazing workshop! Loved the exercises, I’ll be going back into the replay to do again. I really felt something shifting and feel a real resonance with this exercise. I feel hope.

Yvonne Starrs


Yes, knowing how to safely Journey is a necessary for this event.

You can sign up for a free intro class here: 

There is also a recording of this workshop in the Centre for Shamanism Facebook group under ‘units’ 

Click here to go to the group.

No, this is all done in browser. 

It’s as easy as clicking the link you’ll be sent in an email. 

I recommend having an up to date version of google chrome for best functionality. 

No, just bring yourself, and make sure that you have a nice quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. 

I recommend something comfortable to lie on and some headphones. 

You can set up your sacred space in whatever way resonates with you for this ceremony. 

No, this is a separate event. This event is not eligible for your members discount.


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If you want to develop an amazing toolkit for letting go of stress, letting go of fear & healing your mind and body during these troubling times, sign up today! 

A single payment today of just:


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All payments are processed securely through Paypal

I felt comfortable working with Sam because she showed unconditional positive regard to the group. She is calm in her facilitating, and articulates her knowledge of Celtic history clearly.