FREE COURSE: Intro to Shamanic Journeying

How to journey safely to the spirit realms & interpret your experience with confidence

so you can access the life-changing power of your Spirit Guides.

What if you could connect with a higher spiritual power anytime you
needed healing or help with sorting out your life? 

Good news! 

Through the process of Shamanic journeying, you can intentionally travel to the spirit realm where you have a direct connection to the power, guidance, and healing abilities of your Spirit Guides.

If that sounds life-changing, it is! 

In this FREE beginner-friendly course:

✅ Get a simple & open* but profound process for journeying safely to the spirit realms & Celtic Otherworlds

✅ Take a guided journey to the Celtic otherworlds led by an experienced Shamanic practitioner. 

✅ Then learn how to understand what you experience. So you can fully benefit from this life-altering connection.

*You’re welcome to take part in this experience regardless of your lineage or ancestral roots.

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See why students of all levels give this free training 5 stars:

Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some journeying experience, this free course is perfect for anyone who’s looking to build more confidence in their Shamanic skills.


“It’s very informative. Rhonda walks you through each step and keeps you from feeling pressured or overwhelmed! Thank you!”


Christina C


“I loved it! This is the first time I’ve ever worked with Shamanism, and I didn’t know what to expect. I was excited and a bit nervous.”


Julia K


“I’ve done journeys before. But in the course, I learned much of the time I just jumped in without doing it properly. So glad I did this!”


Pamela H

Grab a simple, step-by-step process for
journeying to the Unseen Realms (Including the Celtic Otherworlds)

Explore these special spiritual spaces where you
can communicate with your Spirit Guides and Power Animals.

The Shamanic basics, safe guiding principles, important terms, and clear explanations of the Spirit Realms

How to set up sacred space and use intention to relax, connect, and control the energy before you journey

2 Essential steps to take immediately after a journey to fully reconnect with the physical world and prevent spiritual drainage

The ins-and-outs of interpreting the Guide-given messages you receive on these spiritual voyages (Hint: It’s not always literal.)

How to take gentle, Spirit-led actions to see tangible improvements in your life


Get access to a guided Celtic workshop & Healing Experience (led by yours truly) called The Three Cauldrons…

The Three Cauldrons are what’s known as the power centers in Celtic Spirituality (a bit like chakras), so if you’re interested in connecting with Celtic Spirituality, this ones for you!


Guided Journey

Take a simple 20-minute guided journey to meet a Spirit Guide in the Celtic Otherworlds. Let Rhonda lead the way as you relax into the comforting embrace of Spirit.

Journey Journal

Download this handy PDF worksheet to help you capture, reflect, and interpret the details of your journeying experiences

Drumming Tracks

Download up to 6 different drumming tracks to help you activate the state of consciousness you need for a successful journey.

Shamanic Community

Join the Centre’s free community where you can get support with your journeying skills and connect with new Shamanic friends.

“During this experience, I met two guides!”

“What a great intro with all the necessary info to feel safe and secure when exploring this path. Thank you for holding such a beautiful safe space for my learning. This is exactly what I needed to reconnect me to my path. I feel supported as I find my feet.”

Rebecca R

“I had such a cool experience. I have never been able to sense or meet my guides before. But during this experience, I met two guides! It was so cool to finally get to experience something that I have been wanting to do for 20 years.”

Valerie M

“This course really helped me get a good grip on journeying and inner healing. Laying out steps to take makes it a lot easier for me to digest. I have found that on the first journey I took, a large and magical tree grew in my space… Thank you!”

Sabrina T

Meet the mentor who’s helped 10,000+ people
tune into the wisdom of their Spirit Guides.

Like many, I once lived a life that felt disconnected and unfulfilling. On the outside, I was a successful accountant. On the inside, I was miserable.

Everything changed when I found Shamanism. 

By walking the Shamanic path, I learned how to use my growing connection to Spirit to turn my life around in ways I never thought possible. 

Since then, I’ve taught thousands to do the same. 

It is my deep knowing that:

You have a sacred birthright to access everything the Universe has to offer. 

That’s why I created this free course.
Join me inside. And learn how to connect and communicate with your Spirit Guides. So you too can tap into the spiritual guidance and healing you need to level up your life.

Rhonda McCrimmon

Shamanic Practitioner

Founder of The Centre for Shamanism


“Rhonda has a way of teaching that is so very heart-centered. Her joy and passion shine through which for me makes doing this course magical.

Mharie D


“Rhonda presents these training classes with empathy, patience, and compassion. It is truly inspiring to be a part of it. I highly recommend it.”

Maureen W


“I found this very easy to follow. Her presentation style worked for me. I felt a connection to Rhonda, and I could feel her sincerity and passion for Shamanism.”

Sharon R

You’re just minutes away from taking your next Shamanic journey with confidence. 

Join this free beginner-friendly course. And get instant access to all video lessons, guided journeys, the downloadable Journey Journal, drumming tracks plus a loving Shamanic community where spiritual seekers like you belong. 

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