discover more spiritual & emotional freedom by connecting with your spirit guides

Get instant access to this FREE online workshop with Rhonda McCrimmon – Founder of the Centre for Shamanism – & discover how Shamanism can help you to finally overcome the negative, self-limiting patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck so you can start creating a life full of purpose & shine your light out into the world.


✅  Learn the five guiding principles of Shamanic practice that will enable you to safely embrace this ancient transformational framework so you can start creating lasting positive change in your life.

Connect with your first Spirit Guide who will give you healing & guidance so you can start creating an inner landscape that will bring you more freedom, joy and empowerment. 

Discover how to properly interpret your Journeys which will create a pathway to easy understanding of your Spirit Guides messages so you can continue to evolve, grow and live your purpose.


✅ You’ll get access to my beginner’s Shamanic roadmap which is a series of FREE trainings that will enable you to further develop your Shamanic skills so you can confidently continue on your journey of self-empowerment (and these aren’t just a sneak peek of something that you need to sign up & pay for either by the way!) 


You’ll be invited to my FREE private Centre for Shamanism Facebook group of over five thousand like-minded spiritual seekers. 

This is a place to learn, to ask questions and to receive the support of qualified Shamanic practitioners & spiritual teachers, so you can gain a sense of belonging to something truly special and never feel lost on your journey.

Hi, I'm Rhonda,

Rhonda McCrimmon Founder of The Centre for Shamanism

As a Certified Shamanic Practitioner and the founder of The Centre for Shamanism, I’ve worked with thousands of clients over the years and guided them through the process of creating a life of happiness and fulfilment.

It is my deep knowing that we are all Shamanic people and that everyone has a sacred birthright to access the guidance, healing and wisdom that the Universe has to offer in order to become the best version of themselves.

That’s why I’ve created this FREE Introduction to Shamanism workshop because it is the first step on your journey to realising that potential.

Rhonda McCrimmon Founder of The Centre for Shamanism

This workshop removed all uncertainty & fear when beginning my exploration into Shamanism.

Rhonda guided me every step of the way & whilst I felt I was completely in my own space having a unique experience I also felt connected to everyone else through time & space. Such a wonderful experience that has certainly opened the door for personal development.

Thank you, Rhonda"

Suzy Coyle
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The free content isn’t sneaky peaks or glimpses into something you’ve got to sign up for, you can get so much without having to pay a penny

I joined the group after watching Rhonda’s ‘Introduction to Shamanism’, and it instantly struck a chord with me. I clicked straight into the group without hesitation and was amazed at all the free content that is on offer. Learning all about shamanism has already helped me so much in my life and I know it’s something that I’ll stay working with forever!

Sign up now! There really is nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Melanie Stevens
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There is no one higher on my list than Rhonda McCrimmon & The Centre for Shamanism

I've had numerous sessions with Rhonda, both one on one, in healing circles, and sessions with my wife as well as listening to her lovely podcasts and such amazing content through her web page. She's the real deal folks. The sessions I've experienced have changed me and have opened internal doors and granted insights that are changing my life and helping me to grow into my higher self.

Rhonda's willingness to give her time free of charge when people have need it is the hallmark of a bonafide legitimate healer."

Feenix MB
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This workshop opened a doorway for me, after years of searching, I’ve finally found a clear pathway for growth in a safe space.

Rhonda’s teachings are delivered in an honest, clear, simple, down to earth manner. Her generosity of spirit, compassion and wisdom beyond her tender years are, in my opinion, extraordinary."

Jo Wilde
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The introduction to Shamanism workshop helped me reconnect with all my guides and strengthen my bond with spirit.

I felt only love and support and I think it's all I needed to truly bring shamanism into my life and be able to see the world differently. There is no more fear."

Ioana Witty
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It is truly life changing and definitely something everyone should do.

This workshop truly removed all the myths surrounding Shamanism for me. Previously I hadn't thought it was relevant to our 21st-century life, but Rhonda McCrimmon removes that fluff and helped to show me how it impacts my daily life on a very deep and spiritual level that brings clarity and healing to all parts of my life."

Lynne Gallagher
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The Centre for Shamanism is the number one place for free content, guidance and ceremony.

After many years of study, training and paid courses there really is nowhere else that compares, thank you and well done."

Steve Oliver Griffiths
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I am very grateful for the opportunity this has given me to step up and really start to change my life for the better

What a wonderful workshop, for someone like me who had no previous knowledge or experience of shamanism. The workshop provided so much information but in a way that was manageable and supportive actually leaving me keen to find out more. Rhonda held everyone very safely and it really helped me understand what shamanism was and how it could enrich my life. It was a beautiful doorway allowing me to start on my own spiritual journey."

Gill Laing

Rhonda and this community have been my guiding light.

At the time I found the Centre for Shamanism Community; I was in the middle of a quest to find my true self. Rhonda and this community have been my guiding light! Not only the classes and the mentoring that is offered; it is the kind, honest communication and the knowledge that has helped me to connect with my higher self and my guides. I believe I am finally on the right path"

Pam Keane
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I have found my tribe!

The centre for shamanism Facebook group is a wonderful community of like-minded people following similar spiritual paths. I have found my tribe. Rhonda is so knowledgeable you can always ask for clarification or support and she gives it free through this fb platform. The free content in the way of podcasts, journeys, etc are so helpful and informative.

I cant believe its all free!"

Jules Hughes
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Use Shamanism & discover how to free yourself from the limiting beliefs and negative patterns that keep you from living life from the truth of who you REALLY are.


Connect with your spirit guides

and discover more spiritual & emotional freedom so you can start living life from the truth of who you are.