Release & receive on a guided journey into the quiet Earth

The Quiet Earth

The Quiet Earth will break down your old patterns, complete old stress cycles and allow you to move forward feeling reset & rejuvenated.

The Nurturing energy of our Mother Earth will take from you the energies that do not belong in your body and turn those energies into food and nourishment. All the energy behind our negative emotions will be transmuted to love & light.

Allow yourself to be taken on a deep Journey of release and reset. Wake up or strengthen your intuitive knowing. Feel free of mind chatter, stress and overwhelm. Surrender to the Quiet Earth.

No shamanic Experience is necessary – everyone is welcome and I’ll talk you through what to expect. 


All attendees are included through space and time so you will benefit from this healing circle even though it isn’t live.

Healing circles are excellent sacred spaces for releasing and receiving. You can also bring your own intention for healing to add to the intention of the group.

Please be somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed and can lie down with a blanket.

I recommend headphones but those are not essential. A notebook and pen will be useful for making notes of your experience