To the person who wants to connect more deeply to their Shamanic Guides:

What would it feel like if you could FINALLY strengthen your connection & understand your spiritual messages more clearly?


…the noise of life, your thoughts, or the trauma held in your body can get in the way of your shamanic connection.

Maybe you never learned HOW to listen more deeply to your Guides/Intuition/Higher Self.

Perhaps you struggle (even in small moments) to know FOR SURE that your Guides are communicating with you.

At the start of my Shamanic Journey (and even a few years down the line) I still struggled with my connection. Sometimes it would be clear as day, and other times hazy or non-existent.  

It was so frustrating.

Everything changed when I realised that there is SO MUCH MORE to the connection than just what goes on inside your head. 

When I realised that the body is capable of awareness beyond what the conscious mind can achieve…

…I FINALLY understood: 

It’s essential to take your whole self (mind, body, spirit, soul) with you when communicating with your Guides.

That’s why I created this one-of-a-kind deep dive workshop. Join me inside. And learn how to more deeply connect and communicate with your Spirit Guides. So you too can tap into the spiritual guidance and healing you need to level up your life.

Rhonda McCrimmon

Shamanic Practitioner

Founder of The Centre for Shamanism


Follow the Ravens Call

A one-of-a-kind deep dive workshop and somatic healing to help you deepen your Connection with Your Shamanic Guides.

Saturday 28th May 3 – 6pm BST

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Live Workshop

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Lifetime Access

In this three-hour (with a break) workshop you will: 

Learn how your body wants to communicate with you so you can add another level of connection to your spiritual toolkit

Deepen your understanding of physical-spiritual connection so you can validate your own experiences and know for sure your Guides are with you.

Learn common physical roadblocks to spiritual flow so you can easily identify and avoid these issues in your spiritual life.

Call on & connect with the power of Raven and receive somatic healing so you can strengthen your spiritual knowing through your physical body.

Go on a shamanic Journey to observe your life force energy in the middle realm so you can be shown how to hear, see, and understand your messages more clearly.

Learn a Power Centre body tapping technique so you can bring your spirit messages to the front of your conscious mind.

Join me LIVE Online
Saturday 28th May
3 – 6pm BST

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What others say about Rhonda’s workshops: 

Thank you Rhonda McCrimmon and everyone in the group today – the day flew by! Super well-planned, gentle pace, informative, balanced and I felt completely safe. So much to absorb and reflect on! 

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Rhonda, thank you sooooooo much for a fabulous day, for holding such sacred space and for the opportunity to learn. Thank you everyone for your company

Yvonne Starrs

Yvonne S

It was an absolute amazing day. Gratitude towards all the guides that came forward, the ladies in the circle and of course to Rhonda McCrimmon for being who she is. Much love 💚💜💋

Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 18.33.42

Ingrid Mac V

It was an absolutely amazing experience. So grateful to Rhonda, my guides and the other wonderful ladies in the circle. So special ❤️ xx


Toni FJ

A beautiful, empowering, safe space to be a part of – I’m so filled with gratitude for today 💕


Clare Hay

Rhonda, how do I know if this workshop is for me? 

Great question.

Consider this your first lesson in deepening your connection:

If you’re seeing signs… or you feel a rightness… your Spirit Guides are communicating: This is the place for you.

You may experience this gentle knowing as a tug, a pull, a calling, or a strong sense of rightness.

Even if you can’t put your finger on why. 

These are all signals from the Guides that:
There’s something here for you.

There are no complicated criteria for joining this workshop. And spiritual seekers of all experience levels are welcome.

"How much experience do I need?"

And answers to other smart questions:

You need to know how to be able to journey. If you’ve not learned yet, you can enrol in my completely FREE course: Introduction to Shamanic Journeying. 

Click here to find out more & enrol

Yes, this event is held online.

The power of a group to connect isn’t hampered by distance or time and we can all receive great benefit by coming together in circle, even if we can’t be physically together. 

Yes, a pen and a notebook to record your experiences and take notes.

I recommend something comfortable to lie on and some headphones. 

You can set up your sacred space in whatever way resonates with you for this ceremony. 

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Yes, there will be a replay sent out, and as always we include all participants in the circle through space and time so that you can benefit from this workshop & Healing Transmission whenever you listen to it. 

Yes. Selected events held by Rhonda are eligible for your 50% members discount, and this is one of them! If you’ve forgotten the code, post in the members only group for a reminder or email

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Yes, there will be a short break so you can grab a quick refreshment. And remember there’s a replay so you can always go back over if you miss anything.

“She’s the real deal folks. The sessions I’ve experienced have changed me and have opened internal doors and granted insights that are changing my life and helping me to grow into my higher self. I can’t give a higher recommendation than Rhonda. She is a powerful healer. Her singing and drumming sweep me up effortlessly and make the journey just so lovely… No one higher on my list” 

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Feenix MB

Join me LIVE Online
Saturday 28th May
3 – 6pm BST

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The price will be displayed in your currency (based on your location) at checkout.

Yes, there will be a replay

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