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Your April 2022 Timetable:

Members Training & Q&A

Thursday 7th April @ 7pm BST ​

Sacred Conversations

Sunday 10th April@ 7pm BST ​-Zoom link will be emailed

Members Ceremony

Thursday 21st April @ 8pm BST – Elemental Water Ceremony

Healing Circle

Thursday 28th April @ 7pm BST – Intention: The Power of Ascent & Descent


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“I remember that love is a verb, and that loving myself requires an active commitment every day”

Mantra how-to:

Say this mantra out loud or in your head.

As many times as you can remember throughout the day but at least four times – it works while doing housework, driving or walking. You can ALWAYS find time for a mantra.

Say the Mantra for at least 60 secs for full benefit and begin to change those neural pathways.

Don’t worry if you get distracted! It takes practise to get good at running mantra.

To help you remember, set a phone alarm or pop notes around the house as a visual aid.

If you feel comfortable, I’d love to hear your experience with your mantra in the Facebook groupI commit

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