At the Centre for Shamanism we use ancient Shamanic Techniques coupled with Modern Wisdom to help you to find your path to a life of Authenticity, Connection and Joy.

"I believe that everyone has the right to access transformational content at an affordable price, which is why I've created The Centre for Shamanism's Online Learning Portal."

Rhonda McCrimmon | Founder and CEO

In these past months, the team and I have been working hard to build the online learning centre for The Centre for Shamanism. I want to talk a bit about my Vision for the online Centre. To create this vision, I took myself back in time… when I was first starting out. What did I need, what would have been helpful for me, what did I receive that really supported and helped me?

For me, one of the biggest gratitudes I have is for the people, the Tribe, that I’ve met through my Shamanic work. Feeling isolated and having no one to talk to used to be a big issue for me. I felt that no one understood my newfound spiritual path, my insights or my difficulties. I felt unsupported and quite isolated until I found my community.

So, I really know how important Community is for us all. As part of our well-being, mental and spiritual growth we NEED a community or tribe of people on a similar path who can understand and support us. As part of The Centre for Shamanism online learning portal, my intention is to create a Community where members can get together, support each other, share stories and ask questions. There will be two ways to do that. There is a forum online and a private members only Facebook group. I will be active in both!

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