Claiming Your Sovereign Strength Online Spiritual Retreat


Friday 4th Nov – Sunday 6th Nov 2022


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Rhonda McCrimmon & Wendy Dooner invite you to:

Claiming your Sovereign Strength Online Spiritual Retreat

Friday 4th Nov – Sunday 6th Nov 2022

Step out of the pressure to achieve and accumulate.

Gift yourself time to relax and gently explore your inner environment sinking into peace and stillness and be reminded of your sovereign strength, which is always there but often forgotten. 

Our sovereign strength is our space of balance, peace and inner authority, free from outside influence; it’s where we find ancient wisdom and knowing. In this space, our roots reach deep into the earth, keeping us grounded, balanced, connected and nourished. 

Gifting yourself with time is often key to the next phase of your Journey. Your to-do list probably has a mind of its own and your mind chatter has a powerful way of keeping you on that cognitive treadmill. The mental load that doesn’t let you slow down enough for you to catch your breath. 

Stop & clear then flow into rest and connection with us. 

Allow yourself time to see, feel and build a deeper relationship place with your place of strength & confidence. 

This weekend isn’t about making you stronger; you are already strong. It is about taking the time to explore and learn practical steps to bring you back into alignment with your own strength.


What to expect: 

You will experience a range of workshops, ceremony, guided healing journeys and integration time to allow you to embrace the weekend and step fully into the sacred healing space.


Over the course of the weekend, Rhonda McCrimmon invites you to explore the potential of your three cauldrons in new and creative ways so you can develop a practical relationship with the roots of your sovereign strength. 

These power centres bear a passing resemblance to Chakras, and the relative positions of these cauldrons within each person determines your ability to meet life’s challenges from a place of regulated, calm confidence. 

Within each cauldron, you have the ability to ferment, cook, boil, & brew like an ancient alchemist so you can nourish and sustain your steady, clear, confident self.

Rhonda will host a range of workshops, ceremonies and healing experiences so you can nourish and learn to sustain your physical, spiritual & emotional health. 


Rhonda is joined by Wendy Dooner who invites you to experience shamanic herbalism and connecting with plant spirit guides. 

Plants have wisdom that they are eager and willing to share with you; when you open yourself up to connection with your plant allies, you begin to reforge a relationship with yourself. 

Plants help you REMEMBER who you are, the medicine they bring through finds expression in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. 

The Elder tree has made herself known for this weekend, and she is a force of nature with powerful healing abilities; 

As a spirit medicine, she will hold you gently and encouragingly as you turn inwards, to see yourself clearly, connect with your inner wisdom, and give you the strength to follow your truth. 

She can help to clear those blockages that cloud your intuition and inner-knowing and can help you to bring insight into understanding your dreams. 

She can support you to travel inwards to address emotional and psychological blockages. 

Wendy will present a range of teaching and healing experiences so you can take away both practical skills and experience the healing that is exactly right for you at this time. 

Workshop Schedule


Friday 4th November

Opening Tea Ceremony & Healing Circle | 6 pm – 8 pm GMT


Saturday 5th November

Shamanic Herbalism Workshop | 12 pm – 2 pm GMT

Three Cauldrons Exploration Workshop | 4 pm – 6 pm GMT

Sound Bath & Toning Ceremony | 8 pm – 9 pm GMT


Sunday 6th November

Bone Dance Ceremony | 12 pm – 1 pm GMT

Sovereign Strength Talisman Workshop | 2 pm – 3.30 pm GMT

Power Retrieval Closing Ceremony | 4 pm – 5 pm GMT



General Information

  • The workshops, healing experiences and ceremonies over this weekend will be held in a combination of online & offline. 
  • You will be provided with a clear schedule that includes instructions for your offline time before the event begins
  • Everything over the weekend is optional although we recommend attending all online experiences and being flexible with your offline time depending on your needs. 
  • You will be online no more than 2 hours at a time with time between online sessions. 
  • Replays are available for 90 days after the event. You can purchase this event and experience it at a later date to suit your schedule. You can also re-visit the all the events as many times as you like within the 90 day period.
  • All events take place on Circle Communities and you will have access to a community space to chat to fellow attendees. Wendy and I are also available in this community chat space for any support required. (Similar to a private Facebook group)
  • Circle Communities is available via laptop, iPhone App & Android native browser. You will be sent an email the week before the event with your invitation and instructions on how to join the retreat community space.
  • Momentum Members receive a 25% discount on this event
  • Contact support@centreforshamanism.com if you would like to apply for a scholarship place for this event