Imbolc Sacred Healing Circle -

Imbolc Sacred Healing Circle


Connect with the spirit of resilience as we move into spring



Join me in this Imbolc Healing Circle as we dive deeply into the energy of this ancient Celtic Fire Festival.

Snowdrop Spirit is coming through strongly for this experience – so dainty and fragile on first glance yet are the first flowers to push through after the long dark.

The white flowers are symbolising the return of the light, hope and the first signs of Spring.

And yet, the Cailleach is still fighting to keep her grip on Winter. She will likely rage many more times before the light fully triumphs.

A mirror to what we are collectively experiencing on Earth right now.

When the steps of Brigit – marked by the snowdrops – are seen, it’s a sign of the Spring fighting back.

An old tale of the battle between light & dark.

This is a period of uncertainty and flux but, ultimately, Brigit & Spring will win.


We will call on the snowdrop’s energy and channel the power & strength of Brigit as Spring finally begins to win the day.


During this Sacred Circle:


✅ You will work with Snowdrop energy so that you can connect with the magic and gentle tranquillity of this small yet hardy flower.

✅ The Spirit of Snowdrop will help you to release grief and trauma so that you can continue to move forward from what has gone before.

✅ You will Channel the energy of Brigit will help you connect with resilience as she faces the power of the Cailleach.

✅ You will open your heart to resilience so that you can take this energy out into your life and face any obstacle life may throw your way.


As we move into the next phase of this challenging time, resilience is more important than ever.

So join with your Sisters and Brothers in Sacred Circle as we stand together and welcome a new hope, a new light and a new path forward.