Indigenous Medicine Wheel Training | 26-27th June 2020


The Centre for Shamanism Studio, Airlie

27-28th June 2020 | 10 am – 5 pm

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We are delighted to announce that world renowned Sam McLaren of Brigantia Wisdom Traditions is coming to Scotland for a one-off, exclusive indigenous medicine wheel workshop!
Are you curious about our own indigenous mythology and culture?
Do you drawn to becoming indigenous to our own land?
Many of us, at this time, are experiencing a call to return to an ancient way of honouring our lands, our ancestors, the Spirits of our wild places, and most importantly, ourselves.
There is a whole wealth of interest in the idea of Celtic Spirituality as key to becoming indigenous to our own land.
We invite you to explore this legacy in a weekend immersion into Celtic cosmology, in which we will reveal the existence of an indigenous Medicine Wheel for our lands; not one that has been borrowed from other cultures. We will hear its story, and learn methods of putting the wisdom into practice.
We will be focusing only on this particular area of deep spiritual practice, following the ancient instructions passed down to us, from our Celtic ancestors in the form of a mythological story. This story contains deep wisdom and information which is surprisingly relevant for our lives today. It will connect us more deeply with our ancestry, but also give us a truly incredible tool for navigating our modern existence. There is magic here!
Presented by Sam MacLaren, a shamanic practitioner and Celticist, who is in ongoing one to one training with Harvard Celtic Scholar Sharon Paice MacLeod, in the traditions, beliefs and practices of our Celtic ancestors.
IMPORTANTLY, this includes learning to free oneself of inaccurate and romantic projections as to the nature of such practices, and to challenge ourselves to accept new understanding.

Key Learnings & Transformations:


>>>Current misconceptions around Celtic cosmology

>>>Introduction to the Mythology

>>>The Four Winds, and their attributes

>>>The Great Centre and its attributes

>>>The Colours of the Four Directions

>>>The Four Otherworldly Cities

>>>The Four Talismans and the Deities associated with them

This weekend will be very journey/meditation focused and very intense. It is therefore preferable that participants have some experience in journey/meditation practice.
Cost: £195 per person
Payment in full:
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