Land Listening | Reawaken your Connection


Low Cost Workshop

The Centre for Shamanism Studio | Airlie

Saturday 21st March | 10 am – 4 pm

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This workshop is for those who feel called to work with the land in a deeper & more meaningful way.

For those that feel that our relationship with the Earth is being neglected, we will activate your connection to the Land and reawaken your instinctive, intuitive wild nature.

We will also work to connect with the Spirits of the Land where you live, create mandala offerings and allow an immersion in the deep wisdom and knowing of nature.

We will experience merging with nature to deepen our understanding of the heartbeat of the Earth to reawaken connection and understand what the Earth needs from each of us in these times.

No shamanic experience necessary – beginners welcome


First low cost workshop option in 2020:

£60 per person


What you need:

Warm, waterproof outdoor clothes

Packed Lunch

Yoga mat, pillow & blanket

Notebook & Pen