Medicine Wheel Healing Circle


Working with the Medicine Wheel and 4 Sacred Tree Guides

Friday 21st Feb | 6.30 pm – 9.00 pm

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Join Rhonda McCrimmon for an evening of working with the Celtic Medicine Wheel and four sacred trees Guides.

The healing circle will focus on each individuals intention for healing as we move around the Medicine Wheel.


Quarter 1 | Oak | Strength & Sovereignty

A beginning. What do I need to know? What healing do I need to support me on this Hero’s Journey?

Quarter 2 | Yew | Death & Rebirth

An ending. What needs to die for you? Where is the ending? What support do you require here?

Quarter 3 | Ash | Utility & Self Determination

A Change. What do you need to step into? What action is required?

Quarter 4 | Rowan | Sensitivity & Sanctuary

A new direction. What is the new vision? Where are you headed now?


Everyone is welcome, no experience necessary!

£20 pp (incls gluten free, vegan soup and refreshments)

Friday 21st Feb | 6.30 pm – 9.00 pm