One to One Shamanic Visionary Session


In person or remote



These sessions can be experienced remotely or in person at The Centre for Shamanism Studio, Airlie, Scotland.

The sessions focus on the following:

  • Anyone who feels their untapped or unfulfilled potential;
  • Anyone who has an inherent lack of self-worth;
  • Anyone who struggles to overcome past trauma;
  • Anyone who KNOWS there is more to life but struggles to find a way forward;
  • Anyone who wishes to be valued and respected by others;
  • Anyone who is dedicated to their personal & spiritual development.


Shamanism in the West is often broken down into sections including:

Soul Retrieval

Power retrieval


Programme restructure

Compassionate depossession

Healing with spiritual light

In a Shamanic Visionary Session with Rhonda the Guides and Helping Spirits lead you on a healing Journey of self discovery. This involves drumming, rattling and chanting as Rhonda connects with the unseen realms and allows her Guides to bring through the healing, wisdom and Guidance you need to support your intention. There is no formal structure to these sessions as they are spirit led and individually tailored.

Additionally, you will be gifted a Healing Vision to support you to integrate your experience and Rhonda is available after each session to answer any questions and provide additional integrative support.

Benefits can include:

Enhanced ability to create desired life changes and reach a desired outcome
Increased vitality, clarity and personal power
Expanded sense of wholeness, sense of self and well-being
Release addictions and maintain long term change
Deep connection to spiritual source & soul purpose

Each session is 1.5-2 hours long and includes a pre-appointment questionnaire and follow up.