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Spirit Song For Self-Healing


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For thousands of years, we’ve known about the Healing powers of the voice.

Singing, chanting, toning and other vocal practices have been a part of almost every single religion and spiritual practice since the dawn of time.

Do you feel the potential power of your voice?Β 

You know it’s in there somewhere, and it feels great when you let it out.

Perhaps when you’re singing alone in the car or the kitchen?

Every single voice has power, whether we think we’re a ‘good singer’ or not.

But it’s not really about how you sound.


Access the power of your voice as a vehicle for awakening and shifting consciousness.


Spirit Song for Self-Healing

Online Workshop with Rhonda McCrimmon, Founder of The Centre for Shamanism


In This Workshop You Will:

βœ… Develop your connection to Spirit through an intimate encounter with your unique and unexpressed vibrational Voice.

βœ… Learn to use your Voice in your Shamanic practice so you can enable creativity, connection, expression and release.

βœ… Learn how to activate your Voice’s vibrational healing power so you can make use of the self-healing power that it holds.Β 

βœ… Start to release any blocks and difficulties you have which prevent you from using your voice to its full potential:


Β “I feel silly, I can’t sing, what if someone hears me?”Β 


Sound familiar?


This workshop will transform how you interact with your Guides and will initiate a conversation with your whole Being.Β 

By connecting the vibrational power of Your Voice with the healing power of your Guides, you will create a bridge for deep healing and transformation.

You will welcome all the colours of your Voice through toning, chanting & song without judgement.

As you accept your Voice into your daily practice, you will access the power of your voice as a vehicle for awakening and shifting consciousness.


What to expect:Β 

βœ… You will embark on a range of Shamanic Journeys of exploration and enquiry.

βœ… You will start with toning techniques and move onto channelling your own Spirit Song.

βœ… Your unique voice will not be heard by others – you will not be seen or expected to perform in front of anyone else!

Although we will be in an online sacred circle, this experience is between you, your Spiritual Team & your Voice held in a safe and nurturing space.


Learn how to use the power of your Voice for Self-Healing to enable you to use your Voice at home to support your continued awakening.


Join us on Sunday 11th April 2021 at 3 pm BST