To the distracted spiritual seeker who struggles to focus on themselves

What if you could carve out some much-needed time for spiritual growth, rest and rebalancing…

…while also adding some awesome new tools to your “Independent Spiritual Powerhouse” toolkit? 

Because how are you supposed to reach your spiritual goals if:  

➡️ You’re running around after everyone else like a headless chicken and ALWAYS putting yourself second?

➡️ A tsunami of weekly work tasks keep you drowning in anxiety that makes it difficult to move from one day to the next and get some REAL rest & recuperation?

➡️ Between making packed lunches, doing laundry or the million tedious tasks on your ever-growing to-do list, you just can’t find the time you so desperately need for yourself?

The time that you need to:

🧡 Get back to your calm centre within

🧡 Recover from emotional wounds

🧡 Find the “True North” of your spiritual practice

🧡 Keep building the toolkit that makes you an Independent Spiritual Powerhouse

You’re not back where you were when you started on your Spiritual path, but you’re struggling to move forward and get to the next level of Spiritual development.

The fact of the matter is this:

No one else will make the time for you. You’re going to have to do it yourself.

And guess what? Here’s an opportunity for you to rediscover YOU:

👉🏻 The YOU that is peaceful, grounded, and centered – not fearful and worried

👉🏻 The YOU with strong personal boundaries who can say no without guilt

👉🏻 The YOU that knows your life’s purpose and is ready to fully embrace it

👉🏻 The YOU that is deeply connected to your Guides and the world around you

👉🏻 The YOU that feels strong, self-confident, and worthy of every beautiful thing life has to offer

👉🏻 The YOU that loves and believes in yourself unconditionally

👉🏻 The YOU that adventures through life unafraid to step into the unknown because your Spirit team is backing you up

👉🏻 The YOU that stands in your own power & blazes the trail to a happy, connected life on your terms free from Dogma and “you shoulds”


Adventure of the Spiral

A 3-day online experience of 7 workshops with 5 experienced practitioners where you’ll take the time you need to re-connect with your inner power AND get a set of amazing new tools to add to your “independent-spiritual-powerhouse” toolkit

Friday 9th June –
 Sunday 11th June 2023

As you enter the powerful time leading up to the Solstice you’ll adventure into the realms of spiral possibility with 5 highly experienced practitioners.


Rhonda McCrimmon

Founder of The Centre for Shamanism

Rhonda headshot copy

Guided by Rhonda, you will:

Level up your boundary setting so you can live a braver life & be respected & loved for who you are

✅ Journey to Cerridwen and her magic cauldron to access a powerful tool for identifying boundary issues and opportunities for growth.

✅ Learn to identify “signposts” that point to a lack of boundaries so you can have greater self-awareness and the ability to recognise when and where boundaries are needed in your life.

✅ Get strategies for implementing boundaries in various situations 

✅ Begin to overcome the impact of childhood stories on your ability to have boundaries so you can break free from limiting beliefs and achieve greater emotional freedom

Cultivate bravery and a strong, powerful heart so you can speak up for yourself and your needs, even in difficult or intimidating situations

Experience a three cauldrons healing experience – a transformative and powerful healing journey that helps release negative emotions and restores personal power and courage.

“Like many, I once lived a life that felt disconnected and unfulfilling. On the outside, I was a successful accountant. On the inside, I was miserable.

Everything changed when I found Shamanism. 

By walking the Shamanic path, I learned how to use my growing connection to Spirit to turn my life around in ways I never thought possible. 

Since then, I’ve taught thousands to do the same. 

It is my deep knowing that:

You have a sacred birthright to access everything the Universe has to offer.”

Guided by Wendy, you will:

Learn the basics of Shamanic herbalism so you can increase your confidence in working with medicinal plants for spiritual growth

 ✅ Discover the four medicines of the plant worlds so that you have an easy to use, practical framework for working with the medicinal plants

Connect with the sacred Medicine of the crab apple tree in a shamanic healing journey to remove blocks to connecting with your inner-knowing and intuition

Learn practical ways to connect with tree medicine so you that you feel confident in working with different tools and techniques

Find out about the herbal medicines of trees so you can safely use them in your own life.

 ✅ Learn the shamanic practice of merging so that you connect easily and directly with the unique spirit and sacred medicine of plants.

“Once upon a time, my head was so full of knowledge about plants & herbal medicine that I could quickly restore my body to its naturally aligned state (my clients too). 

A true gift, but it never felt like that. 

I never felt whole, connected, or like I was living my life from a place of authenticity.  

I spent over 20 years focusing on the physical aspect of healing but never the spiritual, leaving an empty feeling inside. 

That’s when I found Shamanism – the missing link between where I was and where I wanted to be, personally & professionally. 

I have worked in the natural medicine industry for 20 years now, and the connection to plants that Shamanism has given me has turned my life (and the lives of my clients) around in ways I never imagined possible.”

Wendy Dooner

Shamanic Practioner & Herbalist


Jan Muse

Founder of Magical Muse Medicine Weaver

Jan Muse

Guided by Jan, you will:

Learn how to harness the power of fire in a Candle magic and Fire ceremony so you can focus your intention on attaining your true potential

Take a Druidic Journey to meet Beli Mwar the Celtic God of the Sun to ask for wisdom and healing to ignite the fire energy of the Sun in your heart.

Go on an Omen walk to collect meaningful nature items for a gratitude mandala to experience a deeper connection with Natural magic.

✅ Learn Sacred Soul Questioning to discover, acknowledge, and release self limiting beliefs.

“I always felt different and struggled to fit in anywhere as a child. I changed who I was and how I looked to fit in and please others.

For many years this worked. (Or so I thought)

I was the person everyone came to for support. I used to drop everything to help them. Striving to make others people’s happiness a priority. But ignoring my own needs.

As I grew, I began to realise this and found my own Spiritual path, I quickly realised to truly support others, I needed to start with myself.

This is where Reiki, Natural Magic and Shamanism came in. I learned the importance of connection with Nature and self-care.

I have been sharing my connected learnings for over 25 years.

Planting seeds of knowledge to assist others in living a magically connected and fulfilled life in the most natural way possible.”

Jayne & Maria

Founders of Fire Hearted Life


Guided by Jayne & Maria, you will:

✅ Connect with basic Shamanic Astrology so you can build your own unique & meaningful relationship with Astrology

Understand how your Sun Sign influences your ego & identity so you can identify what holds you back from shining in the very individual way that you can

Learn how your Moon Sign is a source of wisdom & emotional depth so you can lean into your emotional being & strengthen your intuitive connection, understanding the part that your Moon Sign plays

Gain an understanding of how your Rising Sign influences your immediate, go-to behaviours so you can identify which of those behaviours keep you stuck in patterns that hold you back, and begin to release those behaviours

“For many years, as individuals, we felt like we were asking for ‘too much’ to live a life that was fulfilling and meaningful and where we could shine in the unique ways that we should.

We found ourselves conforming to all the many roles and responsibilities dictated to us by external factors, and our inner spark truly dimmed, with little zest for life. At the time, it may have seemed like we were living great lives, even convincing ourselves of that too. But that little niggle, the need to strive for ‘more’, never left.

After starting to work with clients offering Massage & Reiki as more of a hobby, we quickly realised that to support others, we had to first pour into ourselves our own healing & growth.

And so as we embarked on years of that journey, committing with tunnel vision, Fire Hearted Life was born.

Firmly embedded in Shamanism, we support others to find, ignite, maintain & shine their inner spark that is vital in living an authentic, passionate & connected life.

We help others to reflect, gain wisdom & grow from their own unique experiences via Energy Healing, Astrology & Tarot.”

“It was perfect, it really fitted in to my life in a way an in-person retreat could not because I have children”


Alice B

“Great value, brilliant content, loving and caring space an all round amazing experience.”

mharie copy2

Mharie D


Build your skillset with live workshops & experiences (replays available).


Meet new friends who get you because they’re on this path too!


Get Guidance from experienced practitioners

Printable retreat workbook

🧡 Write down your life-altering revelations 

🧡 Take notes during events

🧡 Contains all integrative tasks so you don’t need to worry about what to do between workshops

Early Access to the private community on Circle. 

✅ Chatroom so you can connect with your fellow attendees

✅ Q&A so you can get guidance from the practitioners 

✅ Timetable so you can be notified of upcoming events (saving you from any worrying).

✅ Available on desktop, Andriod & iPhone so you can take part wherever you are! 

On-Demand Video Library

✅ Preparatory videos to get you up to speed with key concepts before the retreat starts so you can join in confidently! 

Sacred Circle Meet & Greet. 

This spiritual meet-and-greet lets you connect with fellow attendees face-to-face (online). So you can get to know your tribe, share spiritual experiences, and shine a life-giving light on any shadows of loneliness. 

These will happen twice over the course of the three days in addition to your workshops

“I was concerned about falling behind but took it at my own pace. You guys letting us know that there didn’t need to be an order helped”

Daniella Swanson

Daniella S

“I worried I wouldn’t have the time to commit. The replays made my participation possible, thank you.”

Screenshot 2022-12-30 at 16.36.31

Debbie K


“Will I be able to fit everything in?”

And answers to other smart questions:

This is a basic outline of the timetable. As we are so far out from the event, the content may vary slightly but the times will remain the same so you can block them off in your diary. 

Friday June 9th 

7pm – 8.30pm BST | Opening Ceremony | Welcoming the Spiral 

Saturday June 10th

12pm – 2pm BST | Shamanic Astrology

2pm – 4pm BST | Offline integration, meet & greet plus tasks

4pm – 6pm BST | Candle Magic

6pm – 8pm BST | Offline integration 

8pm – 9pm BST | Shamanic Sound Bath

Sunday June 11th 

12pm – 2pm BST | Tree Medicine

2pm – 3pm BST | Offline integration, meet & greet plus tasks

3pm – 4pm BST | Three Cauldrons Experience

4pm – 5pm BST | Offline integration

5pm – 6pm BST | Closing Ceremony 

That’s the joy of this online format. 

It enables you to attend in ways that an in-person event would not. 

With on-demand replays available for three months after the event, you can pick and choose what you take part in over the weekend and then catch up when you have more time. 

The community group stays open for three months, so you can still ask questions and connect with your fellow attendees once the retreat has ended (the group is not on Facebook). 

Yes, this event is held online.

The power of a group to connect isn’t hampered by distance or time and we can all receive great benefit by coming together in circle, even if we can’t be physically together. 


We’ll send you a list around 4-weeks before the event begins, so you have plenty of time to gather any objects. 

We’ll keep the requests simple and give you alternative options if you can’t access the things on the list. 

You’ll need a space to lie down undisturbed and some headphones. 

A notepad and pen will also come in handy. 

Using the timetable in the final question of this FAQ section, you can click here to get a time converter to see if this works for you. 

Remember you can catch the replays for three months afterwards. 

No, this is a separate event. Your 50% members-only discount does not apply here. 

“After the retreat, I’ve realised that I no longer care for other people’s opinions of me; the only one that matters is my own. My confidence has skyrocketed.”


Caroline Klo

Caroline K

“I learnt more about my inner strength, something I had dismissed. Although I felt I had come along way, I uncovered a deeper understanding of myself and gained confidence in exploring my internal landscape.”


Gill L

“Rhonda, how do I know if  this retreat is right for me?”

If you’re seeing signs… or you feel a rightness… your Spirit Guides are saying: This is the place for you.

Others have described this gentle knowing as a tug, a pull, a calling, or a strong sense of rightness. Even if you can’t put your finger on why.

Some even see signs and synchronicities.

These are all signals from the Guides that:
There’s something here for you.

There are no complicated criteria for coming along on the Adventure of the Spiral retreat. And spiritual seekers of all experience levels are welcome.

So if you feel the tug, this is the place for you.