Finally, Connect With Your Own
Indigenous Heritage

You’ve heard it all before.

“You can’t practice Shamanism if you’re not Native American or chosen by a tribe”

And in today’s society where there is a huge focus on cultural appropriation (quite rightly), it’s easy to feel guilty, or that you have ‘no right’ to be practising in these ways, especially when the misinformed keep telling you so.

You know that here at the Centre for Shamanism, we do our best not to appropriate from the closed practices of other cultures, and if you’ve been following us for a while you’ll also know that we say time and time again that EVERYONE has indigenous roots if you go back far enough; and that we all have a right to access the power of the Spirit Realms.

But simply not appropriating isn’t enough.

We need to rediscover our own practices.

Many of us, at this time, are experiencing a call to return to an ancient way of honouring our lands, our ancestors, the Spirits of our wild places, and most importantly, ourselves. 

And now, more than ever it’s so important to find our way back to our own roots and forge a new path forward using this ancient knowledge – the knowledge of our Celtic Ancestors.


The in-person Shamanic training workshop which helps you cultivate a deeper connection to your Indigenous Celtic ancestry & heritage

With Sam MacLaren

2nd & 3rd October 2021

Airlie Village Hall, Airlie, Kirriemuir DD8 5NP

Discover A truly incredible tool for navigating your modern existence.

We invite you to explore this legacy in a weekend immersion into Celtic cosmology, in which you will discover the existence of an indigenous Medicine Wheel for your lands; not one that has been borrowed from other cultures.  

You will hear its story, and learn methods of putting the wisdom into practice. 

You will be focusing only on this particular area of deep spiritual practice, following the ancient instructions passed down to us, from our Celtic ancestors in the form of a mythological story.

This story contains deep wisdom and information which is surprisingly relevant for your life today. 

It will connect you more deeply with your ancestry, but also give you a truly incredible tool for navigating your modern existence.

There is magic here!

Sam MacLaren has devoted her life to unearthing authentic indigenous British/Celtic shamanic practices, more accurately described as Seership, through her private tuition with Harvard Celtic Scholar Sharon Paice MacLeod, and her ongoing BA in Celtic Studies with the University of Wales Trinity St. David.