Discover the spiritual secrets of the ancient Celts and step into the sacred power that is your birthright

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What if you could honour your ancestors, commune with the natural and spiritual worlds, and create a deeply connected and magical life?

You can with Celtic Shamanism.

See for yourself in this FREE online Celtic gathering of two workshops hosted over two days.

(Dates & times below).

On day one, you’ll join in a Celtic Cauldrons workshop & guided Immra journey to awaken your inner Cauldron power centers. 

On day two, you’ll make your very own Talisman of power to strengthen your connection with your Cauldrons. 

Both events are led by Celtic Shaman & Seer Rhonda McCrimmon, founder of the Centre for Shamanism.

You don’t need Celtic ancestry to join us.

All are welcome – yes, beginners too.

“The three cauldrons journey was really impactful. I was hooked!”

“I'm like, wow, this is what I have been looking for. I was very clear that it was a path for me. For the first time in a long time, I felt energized around my own self.”

Join me live. Open the doors to forgotten wisdom. And experience
the magic of the Ancient Celts

Here are the event details:

Celtic Cauldrons Workshop & Guided Journey | Saturday 8th June | Join online!

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Discover the Celtic Secrets of the Three Cauldron power centres and take a guided Celtic Immra (journey) to awaken the energy of your sacred Cauldrons so you can invite their life-changing power & wonder into your daily experiences.

Talisman Making Ceremony  | Sunday 9th June | Join online!

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A talisman is an object ofpower created to amplify spiritual intentions (like a spell with a shamanic twist!).

In this second free workshop, you’ll learn the skills you need to create your own talisman. You’ll actively participate by creating your own talisman to amplify your connection to your three Cauldron energy centres.

You’ll need to collect a few things for this ceremony.

Once you sign up below, I’ll send you an email with everything you’ll need (you can use almost anything for a talisman, so don’t worry if you have little access to nature)

yes, there will be a replay.


Meet the mentor who’s helped 10,000+ people use simple Celtic shamanic wisdom to fill their lives with magic & meaning


Rhonda McCrimmon

Celtic Shaman & Seer

Founder | Centre for Shamanism

Creator of The Cauldrons Way

Like many, I once lived a life that felt disconnected, unfulfilling & mundane. On the outside, I was a successful accountant. But on the inside, I was miserable. 

That was until I found Shamanism. 

Now I live a joyful, fulfilling, and deeply connected life as a Celtic seer & shaman.  

What I learned walking the path of Celtic Shamanism turned my life around in such a wonderful way. Since then, I’ve taught thousands of people to do the same. 

Everyone (including you!) has a birthright to access the life-changing power within to create a mystical, magical life.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join me in an online Celtic Cauldrons shamanic workshop & Talisman making ceremony

So you can bring Celtic magic to life and FINALLY start creating the deeply connected life you want. 

It’ll be fun. I promise!

yes, there will be a replay.

“She’s the real deal folks.

 The sessions I've experienced have changed me and have opened internal doors and granted insights that are changing my life and helping me to grow into my higher self. I can't give a higher recommendation than Rhonda. She is a powerful healer. Her singing and drumming sweep me up effortlessly and make the journey just so lovely… No one higher on my list” 

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The ONLY guided shamanic training and tribe of its kind where you can explore the spirit world, connect with your Celtic ancestors, and access the life-changing power within you

Doors open on Monday 10th June 2024

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