End your exhaustion with a guided journey into the Quiet Earth. Ahhh….

Switch off stressors as you gently drift into a sacred space of release, reset, relaxation, and restoration. So you can refuel your energetic tank and re-emerge with energy and enthusiasm. Oh, sweet inner peace!

For this healing circle: 

  • Put yourself somewhere quiet where you can lie down with a  blanket undisturbed. 

  • I recommend using headphones for the best experience. (optional)

  • Keep a notebook and pen nearby for making notes afterward. (optional)

Grab dozens of relaxing and restorative healing circles like this one inside Spiritual Momentum. Plus, join our Shamanic practitioners for a live community healing circle every month. 

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“I absolutely love our member healing circles. They’ve helped me so much in recent months. And I also love coming together with other members to heal and grow. I’d highly recommend that anyone signs up for this if they’ve been tempted to. It’s so worth it!”

Billie Jo Watt

Billie W.

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