To the person who feels trapped underneath the chains of everyday life, desperate to end the people-pleasing, heal from past traumas, and escape the ceaseless swirl of worrisome thoughts:

What if, this year, you finally stopped struggling and started living a life that sets your soul on fire?


Walk the guided path to greater happiness. The Apprenticeship is a self-paced, guided online Shamanic training program and supported community.

It shows you how to walk the path of a Shamanic person. So you can access the power and wisdom of Spirit to heal, connect, and better your life – in whatever way you wish.

To the person who feels trapped underneath the chains of everyday life, desperate to end the people-pleasing, heal from past traumas, and escape the ceaseless swirl of worrisome thoughts:

What if, this year, you finally stopped struggling and started living a life that sets your soul on fire?

For the final time (yes, that’s right. I won’t be opening the doors to the Apprenticeship ever again after this week)

Like Kelly, over 300 students are using the
Apprenticeship to live soul-satisfying lives.

“It has been incredibly eye-opening. It has shown me I’m never alone, I have a whole team around me that I can’t see but can feel and connect to. It has allowed me to put myself and my needs first, to set boundaries but most importantly to not worry what anyone else thinks of me and my beliefs or course in life.”


Kelly Crimmins

Because who wants to suffer through yet another sleepless night, for what feels like the 3674th time this month, obsessing over all the ways in which your life isn’t what you want it to be? 

Not you.  

Surely, there HAS to be more to life than:

In the darkness of yet another sleepless night, for what feels like the 3674th time this month, you think: “There has to be more to life than this…

… more than:

Feeling like a failure who falls short of everyone’s expectations

The never-ending pressure to please the people around you, leaving little to no time for yourself

Waking up each morning with no real reason to climb out of bed because life doesn’t inspire you anymore

Letting past traumas bleed into your now, control your actions, and continue the cycle of pain and resentment

Paralyzing negative thoughts - fears, doubts, worries - that have set up permanent residence in your head

Feeling like you’re not good enough to want or even deserve better circumstances, a better job, a better relationship, or a better life

The crippling anxiety, depression, and panic attacks that make joyful moments seem impossible

A meaningless career that’s left you burned out and completely detached from your life’s purpose (if you only knew what it was!)

Hi, I’m Rhonda,

And not-so-long ago, I was in a similar place.

My daily life felt disconnected and unfulfilling. I was plagued with feelings of ‘not good enough’. I had no personal boundaries. And I was always giving away what little energy I had to everyone else. 

On the outside, I had an extremely successful life as an accountant. But on the inside? I was miserable.

I tried therapy and medication. Neither made much of a difference. So I turned to self-help books, constantly devouring the next new spiritual shiny object. 

With each new “fix,” I’d feel better. Temporarily.

But the relief never lasted. 

So I’d move onto the next thing. 

And repeat the cycle all over again. 

I lived trapped in this spiral of suffering for YEARS!

That was until my father’s passing spurred me into real action. 

I couldn’t help but see myself mirrored in my dad. He had spent his life depressed. And he’d never found his way out – no matter how many spiritual books he’d read and things he tried. 

He died an unhappy, unfulfilled man. 

And I didn’t want to follow in his footsteps. 

No… I wanted to thrive, to feel connected to the world around me, and to wake up every morning with a fire in my heart. 

Shortly after my father’s death, I found Shamanism. 

What I learned walking the Shamanic path turned my life around completely – in such a wonderful way!

Here’s what the Shamanic people living
happy, meaningful & connected lives
wish you knew:

Creating a life that satisfies your soul is
easier than you’ve experienced.

(Especially if you’re feeling utterly powerless right now.)

That’s because there is an entire spirit realm of life-changing power you can tap into.

Through a special Shamanic practice called journeying, you have a direct connection to the wisdom, guidance, and healing abilities of your Spirit Guides.

These loving spirit allies help you clear yourself of unhelpful energies, heal emotional wounds, and break free of limiting beliefs like “I’m not good enough.”

It’s a process called becoming the Hollow Bone.

And it’s pivotal to making lasting changes in your life.


As you hollow out and become a clearer channel for Spirit…

Your struggles soften, then fall away – one by one – making room for the TRUE you to shine through:

👉🏻 The YOU that is peaceful, grounded, and centered – not fearful and worried

👉🏻 The YOU with strong personal boundaries who can say no without guilt

👉🏻 The YOU that knows your life’s purpose and is ready to fully embrace it

👉🏻 The YOU that is deeply connected to your Guides and the world around you

👉🏻 The YOU that feels strong, self-confident, and worthy of every beautiful thing life has to offer

👉🏻 The YOU that loves and believes in yourself unconditionally

👉🏻 The YOU that adventures through life unafraid to step into the unknown because your Spirit team is backing you up

The most magical piece of this spiritual connection is: 

Your Guides are there to offer wisdom & healing in ANY area of your life

Wishing for a more meaningful career

Consult your Guides. 

Need help restoring a rocky relationship

Ask your Guides. 

Want freedom from the trauma of the 7th grade bully who gave you body image issues and a raging eating disorder? 

Go see your Guides.

That’s why I started the Centre for Shamanism where… 

People just like you are using these transformative teachings to get the most out of this incredible adventure we call life:


Student Sarah has less anxiety and more confidence to be herself.

“Working with Shamanism in the Apprenticeship, I’ve embraced new possibilities. I feel more balanced. I have less anxiety and more confidence to be who I am. I’m more present, so I can experience and react to the world more consciously, more fully and with more gratitude. I’m heading in the direction of embracing my true authentic self.  I feel more empowered and positive on this wonderful adventure” 

Sarah J.


Student Maz is setting boundaries and healing herself from the inside out.

“Thanks to the Apprenticeship, I have a deeper connection with my spirit team and trust that connection. My confidence has grown. I am sure of my path and my purpose. I have healed so much within myself and that has all had a beautiful ripple effect for my whole household. I have boundaries where none existed before. I no longer involve myself in the business of others or try to fix them. I have stopped robbing my husband of his own power. I feel worthy of my pathway and stand by what I know are my truths.”

Maz D. 

So then: 

How exactly do you break free of the expectations, disappointments & sabotaging patterns currently controlling your everyday life…?

… without selling your home, abandoning the kids,
and relocating to a tropical island with year-round sunny skies?

1. Start at the roots where change makes a bigger impact.

Surface-level fixes like affirmations won’t have much impact right now. Because your energy, your thoughts, and beliefs are subtly pulling the strings in other areas of your life. You have to do the inner work first.

2. Take one gentle step at a time. So changes last.

Slow and steady leads to success. We dismantle and rebuild one gentle step at a time. Because when you fully integrate new patterns and behaviors, you see lasting changes. 

3. Get spiritual support. So you stick with it and see results.

Without support, spiritual efforts often fizzle out, leaving us back where we started. Instead, seek out a trusted mentor and Shamanic friends to help you build spiritual momentum.

Shamanism helped me completely turn my life around. And…

Hundreds of my students are bettering their lives too – walking the Shamanic path towards a happier, more meaningful, and deeply connected existence.

It’s your turn, don’t you think?

Learn these life-altering Shamanic teachings and tools inside:

The Apprenticeship

The one-of-a-kind guided Shamanic training program & supported community where you
shed your struggles & create the life you crave.

The Apprenticeship is a self-paced, guided online training program that shows you how to walk the path of a Shamanic person. So you can access the power and wisdom of Spirit to heal, connect, and better your life – in whatever way you wish.

Build a strong partnership with your Spirit Guides, so you can seek their wisdom on any aspect of your life (even if you haven’t met them before)

Journey to the spirit realm and then correctly interpret the guidance you receive. So you can take inspired action

Explore your shadow self to uncover blocks and patterns that keep you stuck.

Build confidence in yourself and your Shamanic abilities even if you’re just starting out.

Heal from wounds, both new and old, so you can start living life from a place of wholeness.

Stand in your personal power as you set boundaries and free yourself from others’ pressures and expectations

Calm the never-ending storm of worrisome thoughts and cultivate a tranquil mind and inner peace.

Venture boldly into the unknown without hesitation or fear because you know your Guides are always there to support you.




Gill found her voice after a lifetime of letting others control her decisions.

“Before joining, I felt I had some spiritual connection but was fully aware I was disconnected from myself in a lot of ways. I was searching to find out what my purpose in life was as my whole life I have relied on other people influencing me to make life decisions. 

My self-worth was low. I had such a feeling that I didn’t belong anywhere. I was lost.

The Apprenticeship has made me feel like I actually have a voice, my own voice and I want to share it. 

I have started to fill in the jigsaw pieces of my life and really started to understand the why. I realise that my life has been made up of other people’s stories, now I want to have my own. 

I am making an effort now to put myself first without guilt, and it feels good. 

This journey has reconnected me with nature; it feels very powerful now. I now enjoy my garden and love working with the earth. 

I feel my relationships with my mum, husband, son, sister, mother in law have become so joyful. I laugh a lot now and really appreciate those moments of joy.

I must admit the whole course has had such an impact. 

All my life, I have thought I was dealing with guilt but doing the unit about shadow helped me understand that it was, in fact, shame. I did, however, find sharing my story the most liberating thing I have ever done.

I am truly grateful for this experience.”

Gill L.


Put a life-altering spiritual
toolkit at your fingertips.

And tackle whatever life tosses your way. 

The core program materials, including countless teachings, tools, and tasks, are available immediately inside the online training portal.

On-demand Videos 
(Go at your own pace!)

Shamanic Ceremonies & Tools

Guided Journeys

Practical Tasks 
(Easily apply this to your daily life!)

Downloadable Worksheets & How-to Guides

Healing Circles

Lifetime Access
(Revisit as often as you need!)

Bonus Workshops on Resistance, Motivation & More

Drumming Tracks


With an experienced mentor on your side,
never feel lost, lonely, or confused.

Rhonda McCrimmon

Founder of The Centre for Shamanism

Creator of The Apprenticeship


I’m Rhonda McCrimmon.

As a Shamanic Practitioner, I have guided hundreds of people along the Shamanic path towards more happiness and healing.

It is my deep knowing that we are all Shamanic people and that you (and everyone else!) have a sacred birthright to access the guidance, healing, and wisdom that the Universe has to offer.

So you can become the best, truest version of yourself.

When you study with me in the Apprenticeship, you learn to use simple, innate Shamanic practices coupled with modern wisdom.

So you can break free of your chains – like trauma, people-pleasing, and hopelessness – and finally start living from a place of wholeness.

“I felt a real connection to Rhonda.
Before her, no one resonated with me.”

What students love most about Rhonda:

Her practical advice and easy-to-understand language make Shamanic teachings easy to grasp


Her gentle, genuine, and generous energy makes students feel comfortable as they walk this path.


Her personalized support in the community and Q&As help students experience major shifts.


Work with a powerful healer.

“She’s the real deal folks. The sessions I’ve experienced have changed me and have opened internal doors and granted insights that are changing my life and helping me to grow into my higher self. I can’t give a higher recommendation than Rhonda. She is a powerful healer. Her singing and drumming sweep me up effortlessly and make the journey just so lovely… No one higher on my list” 


Feenix MB


Master the Shamanic skills that let you access
the healing, wisdom & power of Spirit. 

With a full spectrum of spiritual teachings and practical tools (like healing ceremonies and guided journeys), connect more deeply to your true self, your Spirit Guides, and the seen and unseen world around you. 

The lessons are structured into 3 separate training levels: Foundations, Intermediate, and Advanced. So the Apprenticeship is perfect for ANY level of experience. Yep, even for complete beginners.


Nope, you don’t need any Shamanic experience to get started.

Self-paced Format

Work through this online training at whatever pace works best for you.

Lifetime Access

Revisit the training as often as you want. It’s yours for life!

Lower Cauldon | FOUNDATIONS

Soothe sabotaging negative emotions – like fear.
So you make the mental space to move forward.

To build a solid foundation that supports safe (and fun) spiritual exploration, we start with the basics. 

In foundational lessons, you learn:

  • Key skills for journeying safely and understanding your experience (because Spirit loves metaphor!). So you can confidently tap into the wisdom of your Guides for any of life’s challenges.


  • A soothing Hawaiian prayer of reconciliation and forgiveness. So you can release whatever is holding you back (even if you don’t know what it is).


  • How to softly release resistance – even if you’ve been stuck for years!


  • A flow-focused healing ceremony that helps create physical, emotional, and spiritual movement in your life.


  • The “Spiritual Dial” technique for overcoming fear. So you can break through barriers and build momentum in a happier direction.


  • 6 Gentle, Spirit-guided tips to build new habits. So you can finally escape past patterns of stuck-ness.


  • A guided Journey to the Land to meet the roots of your Spiritual Practise.

  •  And much more!

Middle Cauldron | INTERMEDIATE

Step into your personal power.
Even after YEARS of putting yourself last.

Break free from the should-bes, pressures, and expectations of others. You have the power. Oh, yes, you do! And these power-boosting teachings will help you feel it.

In the intermediate lessons, you learn:

  • How to set personal boundaries (maybe for the first time ever). So you can release yourself from others’ expectations and make choices that YOU want.


  • Easy ways to recognize the energy vampires in your life and how to deal with them in ways that protect your energy.


  • A short Spirit Song Transmission to help release any blocks you have with communication.


  • A guided journey to meet your Guardian Guide, a spiritual buffer you can put between you and the energy of others. A must-have for empaths!


  • How to free yourself from toxic blame, self-blame, and blame-fueled drama. So you feel more peace, love, and compassion in relationships with yourself and your loved ones.


  • A Talisman Ceremony to help you release blame – even if you’ve been carrying it around for years. Goodbye, old friend.


  • How to uncover your inner shadows, those repressed parts of yourself. So you can wave goodbye to the subtle mind-traps that keep you from being YOU.


  • A gentle fear-facing exercise to help you open up to new spiritual growth.


  • A therapy-themed guided journey to meet your truest self. So you can find out what’s missing in you right now and get guidance on what to do about it.


  • How to use the power of story to break out of limited thinking, overcome old wounds, and build yourself up to be the powerful person you truly are.

  •  And much more! 

Upper Cauldron | ADVANCED

Become a powerful self-healer.
Even if you’ve never felt more broken.

Take a deeper dive into personal healing. (Because you have to heal yourself before you can help heal others). It’ll be fun, I promise!

In the advanced lessons, you learn:

  • How to use your ‘inner compass’ to guide you toward the best healing tool for any situation.


  • A gentle healing ceremony for clearing energy issues, so you can become a purer channel for Spirit’s healing.


  • How to co-create ceremonies with your Spirit Guides to bring about powerful positive change in yourself and the world.


  • A guided journey to a place of deep stillness and peace. So you can connect with the energies you need to be a more effective healer.


  • How to surrender to the healing wisdom of Nature to transcend past issues and become the Hollow Bone.


  • A vision quest, using the Symbols of Transformation, to rebalance your body, mind, and spirit.


  • A guided journey to meet a future version of yourself, the best person to give you guidance on whatever comes next


  • A soul remembering ceremony to help recover pieces of you that have been lost, forgotten, or suppressed somewhere along the way

  •  And much more! 

Finally, a training program that shows you how.

“I love Rhonda’s homework. It could be little ceremonies, exercises, journeys … because you’re actually putting it into practice, you know, on your own. So it becomes a part of your life.”


Judith W


Simple ceremonies let you put life-changing teachings into practice along the way.

You’ll find doable tasks and simple ceremonies sprinkled throughout the Apprenticeship. Use these easy-to-grasp exercises to build momentum, reflect on your experiences, create your own ceremonies, and act on any guidance received. 

Complete tasks as you go. So you can walk this mystical, magical journey with confidence. And reap the rewards – like finding your life’s purpose or loving yourself more.

This curriculum evolves with you on a soul-ular level. Enjoy forever access & all future updates.

Because, as your spiritual needs evolve, the Apprenticeship has to evolve too. I’m committed to giving you EVERYTHING you need to find freedom from pain and suffering. So you can create a life you WANT to wake up to each morning.

Reap the rewards after only a few lessons.

“I have been in the Apprenticeship for less than a month and the difference I am feeling is just amazing. I have had the most breathtaking journeying, awesome direct revelations (that I now trust), and an even deeper understanding of myself. All this and only 20% of the way through the first level! I am so excited for the rest…”


Maz Davies

With on-demand videos, time is no issue.

This program is 100% flexible to your schedule. Load up a lesson whenever it’s most convenient for you like before your partner wakes up or when the baby goes down for a nap.

No rush! Take your sweet time because…

Students experience positive shifts in their attitudes, emotions, outlook, and interactions after only a few days of starting this journey. Take it easy. And enjoy the adventure.


Find secret pockets of me-time to do your training (without stressing your schedule).

Sniff out your biggest time-stealing bandits. Then use 6 simple time tricks to do more of what matters to you. Without the guilt. And without borrowing minutes from your much-needed sleep schedule. 

This time-rescuing training comes with simple exercises, helpful worksheets, and guided journeys to support your efforts.


Beginners, take your first journey to the spirit realm – safely! – with Rhonda as your guide.

The process of journeying, taking an intentional voyage into non-ordinary reality to gain guidance and power, is a key component of walking the Shamanic path. 

This extra mini-training gives you a beginner-friendly crash course in journeying.

So you fully benefit from this wisdom-seeking process.


Find fast relief from I-didn’t-see-this-coming dilemmas with 10+ soothing healing circles. 

Like a gentle guided meditation with a Shamanic spin, healing circles are a sacred way to bring profound healing into physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. 

The next time a problem pops out of nowhere and throws you off balance, visit the Spiritual Emergency Room. And queue up a relieving healing circle. Need more peace? Clarity? Help with boundaries? There’s a healing circle for that!

Access the answers inside you.

“WOW, WOW, WOW, Rhonda, I don’t know if I have the words to express my healing circle experience. The answers are all there. I immediately wrote in my journal and with such clarity…. I’m ready for the healing that is taking place.”


Dorothy Carmona


Unpack all of yourself in a
safe, sacred & supported space.

As an Apprenticeship student, you never have to walk this path alone.
Join me and your fellow apprentices inside:

Private Student Community

Live Monthly Q&A


Build bonds with new friends who get you.
Because they’re on this path too!

With the student community, you finally have a place where you belong. Forge new friendships with like-minded Shamanic people. Share your journeying experiences without judgment. And feel truly free to explore yourself and the spirit world.

Join a loving community that embraces everyone.

“This community is a place that knows no hate, knows no falsehoods, that embraces all who want to learn about the ancient practice of Shamanism. It is a community that embraces the idea that we are all valuable and we all are meant to live out our own life’s journey. If that sounds like a place you’d like to be, come on over and join our merry band of tree-hugging, soul searching, seekers of ancient wisdom.”


Kim P

In a group that welcomes vulnerability
without judgment, self-discovery isn’t scary.

Here’s how we create the accepting, respectful atmosphere that students love:

Your journey is YOUR journey!

Your spiritual path is unique to you. Meaning, whatever you experience, however your Guides communicate with you is just right. You never have to compare your path to someone else’s, or worse, some ideal version of what should be.

We respect each others’ boundaries.

Get input from other students only IF you ask for it. And when you do ask, members share their learnings based on personal experience. They’ll never tell you what to do. Or that your experience is wrong (because it isn’t!). So you can feel safe to share.

You really can’t get this wrong.

“I love how you explain that our experience is just perfect for us; this helps with confidence, and knowing you are not going to get things wrong.”


Carol P


Get personal Spirit-led feedback from Rhonda on your biggest spiritual setbacks.

Submit your question. Then join live (or watch the replay). And witness the gentle guidance of Spirit flow through with clarity. 

Get practical feedback on any topic, from resistance to specific Shamanic practices to a deeper understanding of what you experienced in a recent journey (a student favorite!). 

Sessions are held at different times each month to accommodate students in different time zones. Yes, all Q&As are recorded and available for replay.

Can’t join live? Don’t worry! Submit a question and catch the recording later.


See why students say the Apprenticeship
“incredibly comprehensive.”

Click the play button to meet Rhonda & peek inside the program training portal and community.



Take a full 60 days to feel the changes in yourself
– like less worry and more peace – risk-free.

(Pst… It won’t take 6o days!) Or get a full refund.

The Shamanic teaching and tools taught in this program are powerful. But because I know it’s hard to hope when the struggle is suffocating… 

I invite you to take a full 60 days to try EVERYTHING. 

Dive into countless lessons. Complete the tasks. Journey with your Spirit Guides. Relax in the healing circles. Share exciting experiences with your fellow apprentices. And even seek out personal guidance in a Q&A session. 

And if, after all that exploring, you haven’t felt a positive shift in at least one area of your life, simply email us for a full refund.

Come back to this spiritual toolkit again and again.

“I am eternally grateful for the space that The Apprenticeship holds and knowing that I could go back, again and again, to be reminded or to cement in the changes that occur within me is priceless.”


Maz Davies

Finally, leave behind your pain and suffering.

Give yourself a soul-satisfying life with the teachings & tools inside the Apprenticeship:

On-demand Training Videos

Practical Tasks for Daily Life

Healing Circles

Downloadable Worksheets &
How-to Guides

Spiritual Emergency Room with
10+ Healing Circles

Finding the Time mini-course

Live Monthly Q&As

Shamanic Ceremonies & Tools

Guided Journeys

Drumming Tracks

Bonus Workshops on Resistance, Motivation & More

Intro to Journeying mini-course

Private Student Community


60-day Money-back Guarantee

Lifetime Access & All Future Updates

“The amount of content you get for the price is fantastic!”

“I can’t recommend the Apprenticeship enough. The amount of content you get for the price is fantastic!… Rhonda’s generosity is as evident with this as it is with all she offers. ❤️🙏🏻”


Rachel W

Start your Apprenticeship today.
With a 60-day money-back guarantee.

And get instant access to all training, materials, and support after enrolling.

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Questions? We have answers!

Please email us at

“The most liberating thing I’ve ever done!” 

Here’s how 140+ happy students are using the Apprenticeship to find more wholeness, happiness & spiritual connection.


Mia shed self-destructive patterns and found peace from grief.

“Before joining, I had been working on myself and observing the patterns of my behaviour, but I was still sometimes struggling to see what was happening until it was too late. And I was rarely able to stop whatever pattern was playing out. 

Spiritually, I had been going around in circles for a long time with my spiritual path.

I knew it was time for a change, a big change. I knew I needed to stand up. I knew I was still in grief. I knew I had a lot to heal still, and I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

I find it difficult to put into words how much I have changed. The biggest things, without doubt, are the lifting of the grief/weight that I had been carrying for a long time and the peace that I feel within myself

My anxiety and general stress levels have dropped. 

I am excited again about life and the future, even in these times. I feel supported and worthy of support.

Change is flowing.

I would say that the journeys and just as importantly, the sharing with and of others’ journey experiences, have made a massive impact because I feel so connected and actually confident that I am experiencing what I need to be for me.”

Mia D


Karen is feeling more confident in herself and her intuition.

“Before starting The Apprenticeship, I was drained, and I couldn’t understand why. My self-esteem has never been high, and I have never trusted my instincts. 

I began my journey to find out who I was when I turned 50. 

I started changing how I want to live my life, becoming who I was meant to be.

Because of The Apprenticeship, for the first time EVER, I have set some boundaries. This has given me more respect at work. And I can see other people’s intentions more clearly.

I understand some of the reasons now why I do and feel the way I do, I have a deeper connection to the earth and myself, and I can let go of other people’s s**t and not get caught up in it.

I have more confidence in myself and my intuition.

Shamanic journeying has made such a massive impact for me. I just did not know that I had the answers to so much stuff inside me. I’m learning to trust and interpret those stories.

I also find great joy and comfort in seeing my discernment guides everywhere.”

Karen M


Sarah is rediscovering her true self and feeling more confident.

“Before The Apprenticeship, I was lost. I was disconnected from myself and the world, yet I felt a spiritual calling towards Shamanism. 

I was looking for connection, belonging, opening up, purpose, and finding my true self. I knew I wasn’t the person I used to be but still didn’t recognise who I was.

I joined the Apprenticeship as I felt it could help me understand Shamanism better and how it fit into my life. 

 The program has given me more confidence through understanding. I’m learning who my true self is, and that’s exciting. I’m receiving more understanding of what I need to do to get to where I want to be all the time. 

An unexpected benefit from The Apprenticeship is that I love shadow work. It’s not pretty. But facing it is all part of the adventure of life. And it is giving me an understanding of why I am who I am and how working in the shadows will bring me towards my true self. 

 Journeying and the connection to my guides have been so impactful for me. The healing and advice received, things I’m sure I could not have known, have come to me in this space.  

It’s a beautiful journey, an adventure to wholly embrace and throw myself into – whatever the challenge.”

Sarah J.


Fiona is learning to believe in herself again.

I had a real yearning, a calling maybe. I felt incomplete and lonely. I have always been a spiritual person but as I matured in years I knew there had to be more. 

Thanks to the Apprenticeship, I have more self-confidence and self-focus. I’ve set boundaries. And I believe in myself. 

I’ve enjoyed all of it really, especially the sense of community. I have never felt like this with online work before.”

Fiona B.


Alice is enjoying more open, authentic, and beautiful relationships.

“I feel like I have been working on myself since I was 16 but still had feelings of not getting very far, affirmation work did not seem to be anything more than a sticky plaster as the root was still not being dealt with.

When I found the Centre, Rhonda shined and made so much sense. Her work seems to weave together all the things I am passionate about. It felt like coming home.

My relationship with my husband and children is more authentic, open and beautiful because of the Shamanic tools I carry around thanks to this work. 

I am breaking down past conditioning and experiences and am less on autopilot, more in the moment and more of the beautiful being I have always walked towards being.

Doing this work, I feel that I’m walking strong with my heart leading, knowing that this path will hold me tight.

Alice B.


Bethany feels a deeper connection to the earth around her.

“I’m learning so much in the Apprenticeship. I’m feeling much more intuitive, second guessing myself less and loving myself more everyday

I’m really enjoying omen walking, and feel I get the most connection when I journey in this way. 

I’m so proud of myself for going down to the allotment today. It felt really good to push myself and get on the bike, the first time this year I think! I lit a ceremonial fire and said goodbye to energy no longer serving me then sat with eyes closed and in the peace and quiet, letting the birdsong speak to my heart. It was blissful. 

The fragrant lavender on the fire felt soft and beneficial on my face. I felt gratitude for the air and the weather, the ground and the space. It inspired me to get my hands in the soil. 

As I walked past this lavender it seemed to call out to me so I made some space around it. I weeded out the long grass that was choking it a bit and trimmed some of the dead wood for the fire. 

I weeded some of the long strawberry beds by the kids’ area and saw lots of worms. 

The birds seemed to be excitedly talking to each other about what they would find once I’d left and they could feast! I also weeded the herbs as I love the fragrances that float past when you brush up against them! 

Finally I picked a few leeks and some chard to take home. A very satisfying and pleasant couple of hours.”

Bethany D.


Audrey found the courage to start a new business.

“I really feel like joining the Apprenticeship opened a door for me. I wasn’t stuck in my growth but I did come to a fork in the road. I knew I didn’t want to go back to work but I didn’t think I could do anything creative like open my own business. 

I think taking that first step in joining the Apprenticeship gave me a sense of control over my life and confidence. 

By continuing my healing path I have fewer bad days and my creativity has skyrocketed

I learned to change the stories I always told myself like I wasn’t a creative person or I’m not smart enough. I’m learning that I am incredibly creative but it’s in a different way. 

I’ve also noticed that by growing and healing my family has started to as well. You were so right that our journey has a ripple effect on our family.”

Audrey B.

“This is a course that I intend to keep dipping in and out of. It feels timeless to me in that it will be relevant to my path whatever point I am on.”


Clare H.

“I’m still halfway through the intermediate level… However, I regularly practice what I have learnt daily, sometimes without thinking about it. I know the rest of the course will be so helpful too.”


Yvonne S.

“It has been incredibly eye-opening. It has shown me I’m never alone, I have a whole team around me that I can’t see but can feel and connect to. It has allowed me to put myself and my needs first, to set boundaries but most importantly to not worry what anyone else thinks of me and my beliefs or course in life.


Kelly C.

“The depth of change that this work has brought to my life is astounding. Thank you, I am truly grateful for the content you provide and the spark that you personally provided to reconnect me to myself.”


Libby G.

“The best thing I’ve ever gifted myself. I’ve changed so much in such a short time. I am learning who I am perhaps for the first time ever. ❤️


Mare W.

“I would totally recommend this course. I’ve just started and it’s really helped me lots already. It’s also so nice to know it’s there for me. It’s kind of like a backbone of my spiritual life just now. The fact that I will always have access to this content too is amazing. It really is worth investing in and I’ve only scraped the top so far!


Kim N.

“I love the Apprenticeship. As a busy mum to 5 I have been doing it when I get free time and I enjoy it so much. Vast amount of knowledge and in depth material made helpful for all types of learners. Highly recommended 👌”


Elizabeth T.

“My own life has changed dramatically for the better. I have finally learned that I get what is right for me and no one else. I don’t have the ability to be seer but I have the ability to help myself. I am off all depression medication – meds that I’ve been on for nearly 30 years – and have stayed off.”


Sharon F.


Feel positive shifts – like more optimism and less fear – after applying just a few lessons.

And answers to other smart questions:

Students say they experience small shifts within a few days and more profound changes in a couple of weeks:

“Less than a month, and the difference I am feeling is just amazing. I have had the most breathtaking journeying, astounding direct revelations (that I now trust) and even more profound understanding of myself. All this and only 20% of the way through the first level of the course.” – M Davies

That’s the beauty of this spiritual path. You don’t have to rush! Even a small amount of spiritual work can have you feeling better quickly. Who doesn’t love that?!

Yes! With your purchase, all the teachings and tools are yours to use, download, and live by for as long as you walk this path. Meaning, you can dive back in ANYTIME you need to refresh or reinforce a particular teaching. 

**Please note, though, if you request a refund, you forfeit access to all trainings, materials, the community, and support.**

We’re happy to offer a budget-friendly 3-month financing plan through PayPal. Simply choose the monthly option at checkout. 

This is subject to eligibility criteria. 

Paypal will not offer to finance everyone, so if you don’t see the option at the checkout, then it’s likely that you are not eligible for finance. 

Of course. Thanks to 3 separate training levels, this program is a Shamanic deep dive. More experienced students appreciate the intermediate and advanced lessons. 

The Shamanic path is a never-ending journey of seeking and self-discovery. 

So the reality is: there is always more to learn and experience. As an Apprenticeship student, you’ll cultivate an even deeper relationship with your Spirit Guides. 

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to get this wrong. That’s because Shamanism is about Direct Revelation. Meaning, what is right for you, is right for you. 

Your experience will be unique.

Not everyone sees their journeys in technicolor. Some of us feel. Some of us sense. It’s about opening yourself up to the knowledge that is already there. 

There’s a whole unit on this variety at the beginning of the training. Dive in. Experience journeying for yourself. You have a full 60 days to use the training, put teachings into practice, get friendly in the community, and attend live monthly Q&As. 

With 140+ happy students, we trust you’ll love it. 

But if, for any reason, it doesn’t fit you, we’ll happily issue you a refund, 

What would the neighbors think?! Don’t worry! Being a Shamanic person is different from being a Shaman in an indigenous tribe.

The work is mostly internal.

Getting dressed up for ceremonies can be fun. It’s something that I love to do. But it’s not required. And you never have to do anything that you don’t want to do.

Your Shamanic practice is yours to create. Embrace what works best for you.

Nope! While plant medicine (like Magic Mushrooms, Peyote and Ayahuasca) is one pathway to access the spirit realms. It is certainly NOT the only way.

Walking in nature, music, dancing, yoga, and various forms of meditation are also pathways to the unseen realms.

In this program, we use rhythmic drumming and rattling to enter the altered state of consciousness needed for journeying.

No drugs or special plants required!

When Shamanic safety principles are followed, there is no risk of crossing paths with bad-intentioned spirits. Spiritual safety is taught in the Intro to Journeying mini-training. I recommend you start with these lessons.

Self-exploration (and then talking about it) can be scary for some. Know that you’re not alone in that fear.

That’s why students love that the Apprenticeship community is a loving and supportive space.

In the group, we follow a few codes of conduct (like the use of “I” language and only giving feedback when asked for it) to foster an atmosphere of respect and openness.

So you feel safe to be vulnerable.

That’s an easy one: the support!

Without ongoing support and guidance, often spiritual efforts fizzle out into nothing. That’s why this training comes with reflective exercises, practical tasks, community discussions, and Q&A sessions.

So you never feel lost, lonely, or confused. And most importantly, so you build the spiritual momentum you need to make lasting changes.

These programs complement each other. And many students do both.

The Spiritual Momentum membership is a much lighter dive into Shamanism. Members get a range of live events, discussions, trainings, ceremonies, and a community space. There is no order to the content. So each member can pick and choose what they would like to explore – at their own pace and within the safety of a supportive community.

The Apprenticeship’s structured program gives you a deeper dive into the mystical world of Shamanism. With 3 training levels – Foundations, Intermediate, and Advanced – it has something to offer students of all experience levels. So there is a progression to the content as you gain knowledge and experience.

As an Apprenticeship student, you get a comprehensive Shamanic toolkit that you can use for life, including training videos, practical tasks, ceremonies, tools, guided journeys, healing circles, drumming tracks, downloadable worksheets, how-to guides, journeying workshops, and more.

Plus, get lifetime access to the community and live monthly Q&A sessions.
If you have to choose one right now, I recommend the Apprenticeship

The content is more comprehensive. So you’ll get more teachings and tools. Take advantage of the 60-day money-back guarantee and see for yourself.
You get lifetime access to all Apprenticeship materials. This isn’t the case with the membership (which requires an active subscription).
The Apprenticeship only takes in students a few times per year. (While the membership is open all year long.) Join up while the doors are open.

Need help figuring out what’s right for you? Reach out to the support team.

Absolutely. With a self-paced setup and on-demand training videos, the Apprenticeship is 100% flexible to your schedule. So you can work through it at your own speed.

“I love the Apprenticeship. As a busy mum to 5 I have been doing it when I get free time and I enjoy it so much. Vast amount of knowledge and in depth material made helpful for all types of learners. Highly recommended 👌” – Elizabeth T.

If a busy mum of 5 can find time, you can too.

Nope! The majority of the content is pre-recorded and available 24-7 in the training portal. And the community is open to you around the clock.

Live Q&As are hosted at different times to accommodate our Shamanic friends around the world. Live sessions are always recorded and made available for watching later.

Yes! You can submit questions for Q&A even if you can’t attend live.

Not at all. Spirit is in all things.

Sure, we often think of Nature and green spaces when we think of Shamanic work. But you can work Shamanically with your car, computer, or home. (I do this all the time!)

You can connect with the land under your apartment building, with the plants in gardens, weeds on the walkway, the birds in the sky, or with the orchid sitting in your window sill.

The Apprenticeship will teach you how to reach the spirit realm around you – no matter where you are.

Good news! You don’t need anything to work Shamanically.

This is first and foremost internal work. To journey, you could lie on your bed with headphones in and need nothing else. It’s all about your intention. If you intend to be in sacred space, you are!

A small portable altar is a great workaround too. Keep it stored in a cabinet, in a closet, or under the bed. Then pull it out when you’re ready to use it.


While this course doesn’t qualify you to work with clients as a Shamanic Practitioner, it will genuinely enhance any other practice that you are trained in.

For example, you develop stronger energetic boundaries which stop any unwanted transference between you and your clients. Your healing is more impactful because you are a clearer channel for Spirit. And you can call on a variety of healing guides to do work on your client’s behalf.

After completing the Apprenticeship, those interested have the opportunity to apply for the Centre’s Shamanic Practitioner training and certification program (completion of the Apprenticeship is a requirement for those who wish to enrol on the practitioner course).

How do you know if the Apprenticeship is right for you? Easy. You feel it.

Students have described this gentle knowing as a tug, a pull, a calling, or a strong sense of rightness.

This sensation is your Guides communicating:

“There is something important here for you.”

Even if you can’t put your finger on why.

So toss out the never-ending lists of should-bes. You have enough of those in your life. There are no complicated criteria for joining the Apprenticeship.

If you feel the pull, it’s the right place for you.

Equipped with Shamanic tools
like shadow work & the Spiritual Dial,
fear will never hold you back again.

Spirit and your true self know this to be true: 

You are powerful beyond measure and fully capable of living the life you crave.

Inside the Apprenticeship, I teach you key Shamanic tools and ceremonies to recognize and then gently reprogram your biggest fears. 

So you feel free to live with excitement and enthusiasm

4 fears you can put to rest right away:

There is no such thing. The Shamanic path is available to everyone. All you need is a desire. The training will guide you every step of the way.

It’s impossible to fail. Because you can’t get it wrong. Plus, Rhonda and your fellow apprentices are there to support you whenever you need it.

You are naturally worthy. Everyone is. (Yes, even those people you don’t like.) Your Spirit Guides know it. We know it. And you will (re)discover it too as you explore this Shamanic path.

“A safe place for me to unpack all of me”

“I am working on big things: self love, self acceptance, not being good enough, lack of confidence, being too much for people… Rhonda makes me feel so confident in my own skin and provides a safe place for me to unpack all of me, move parts I am not happy with, fall in love with them or let them go, and then sew myself back together again. The empowerment gained from that is life changing!


Alice B.

Because every path is walked one step at a time…

The only step you need to feel ready for is your next one.

Not the next 2. Not the next 10. Not the next 200. 

Just the next ONE. 

So if you’re not feeling 100% ready right now, you don’t have to be! Because this program guides you by the hand each step of the way. 

Watch a lesson. Do a task. And repeat. 

With a self-paced format and lifetime access to all the materials, the Apprenticeship will always be there to back you up – no matter how slowly or quickly you move through it. 

Plus, you get a full 60 days to test out everything risk-free.

If you’re ready to make 2023 the year you stop struggling and start living from the wholeness of who you are… 

(^ We both know you’re ready!)

The path to a more exciting existence is waiting for you. 

We’ll walk it together. Step by step. 

I can’t wait to welcome you inside!



The 1st step in this incredible life-altering adventure starts with the Apprenticeship.

Join today. With a 60-day money-back guarantee. And get instant access to all training, materials, and support after enrolling, including:

On-demand Training Videos

Practical Tasks for Daily Life

Healing Circles

Downloadable Worksheets &
How-to Guides

Spiritual Emergency Room with
10+ Healing Circles

Finding the Time mini-course

Live Monthly Q&As

Shamanic Ceremonies & Tools

Guided Journeys

Drumming Tracks

Bonus Workshops on Resistance, Motivation & More

Intro to Journeying mini-course

Private Student Community

Doors close in:


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“Hands down, the apprenticeship has been the most important and life changing thing I’ve ever done. I work through it slowly at my own pace, probably slower than others because I like to process and redo things. I can honestly say it has been life altering for me, hugely beneficial. And actually, when I think about it, the right thing at the right time for me. Bless you, Rhonda, I can’t thank you enough ❤️” 


Yvonne S.


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