ShamanTalk Episode 92

How to Stay Safe in the Spirit Realms

Many people that I work with have fears about how to stay safe in the spirit realms.
They’ve been given fear-mongering stories about boogie men and nasties – evil waiting to pounce around every corner.
Or they have a fear that they ll get lost and not be able to find their way back.
Or that they’ll misinterpret their journeys and take a wrong turn or go down the wrong path.
Spiritual work is a little like any other work. It can be dangerous under certain circumstances. Water can be dangerous if you drink too much of it – in fact, it will kill you. But you don’t stop drinking water – that would also be bad for your health. You follow common sense.
This week we remind ourselves about the Safe Guiding Principles of Shamanic Practise
  1. Set Sacred Space
  2. Have a Clear Intention. Click here to listen to the podcast “6 Key Points for a Successful Intention”
  3. Always go with a Guide
  4. Write notes
  5. Close space and ensure you’re grounded
We also talk about the warnings from the old stories ‘is this given freely and without obligation?’
We touch on ethics and how ethics are fundamentally linked to safe practice.
So, join us this week as we dive into how to stay safe in the Sprit Realms – there are quite a few things to consider, and we also talk about how we might feel unsafe, but these are actually relevant messages. We can sometimes miss those messages through fear and shock.

Activities & Journeys

1- Journey with your Guides and ask to be shown the energetic safety net that the Guiding Principles of Shamanic Practise described in the podcast give.

What does it feel like? Look Like? Whenever you feel unsafe or wobbly, simply journey back to this safety net and check in with any weaknesses – for example, not setting your sacred space or forgetting to connect with your guides.

2- Ceremony for Cleansing after a difficult encounter on a Journey or in Life

Connecting with Radiance

Set your space (this is not a Journey but a ceremony where you don’t go anywhere)

Find a light source such as a candle, a fire, the sun, a lamp and spend a little time sitting with the light. Notice how it makes you feel.

Next, close your eyes and ask to merge with the light’s Radiance.

Become the light and hold the intention that the vibration of pure light energy will cleanse your body of any unwanted energy you may have picked up in your unpleasant encounter.

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