Scholarship Fund

Our fund has given out £8673 of scholarships in the past 12 months. Most of our events, workshops and memberships are eligible for scholarship support. 

You are welcome to donate to our fund and support our Community assistance program if you wish by using the donate button below.

The Centre for Shamanism Scholarship & Financial Assistance Fund

We are delighted to offer a wide range of Scholarship & Financial Assistance.

We care. We really do.

At the Centre, one of our main values is to provide access to spiritual and shamanic support, training and healing to all regardless of ability to pay. To that end, we provide a massive amount of free content to our Community.

But we also go further!

Our scholarship & financial assistance fund enables us to raise funds and take donations to support those who wish to access our paid programs and workshops but struggle financially.

How do we fund this program?

  1. We will run donation-based events where Rhonda and other practitioners will give their time and energy to raise money for the fund. These events can still be accessed for free for those who need that access.
  2. Giveaway events where Rhonda and others donate drums and other sacred objects, shamanic healing sessions, books and other exciting prizes.
  3. On this page, there is a donate button so our Community can pay-it-forward any time they wish.

What can I apply for?

You are welcome to apply for any paid workshops, events, membership or our flagship apprenticeship program. The terms and conditions with more details can be found below.

How often can I apply?

The assistance we can offer will depend on the fund and other restrictions we believe will keep the process as fair as possible. See the terms and conditions for more details.

What information will I need to provide?

For the moment, we have been guided to request your story. We will ask you to share with us why you need assistance. In order to reduce anxiety, we will not ask for evidence, statements or documents of any kind. All we ask is that you’re honest in your application.

Terms & Conditions

Each financial assistance request is assessed in terms of financial need and funds availability.

We prefer you are an active and committed member of our free facebook community group and those who are will be given priority. Join here. 

Requesting assistance does not automatically guarantee a successful application.

EVENTS/WORKSHOPS: Each event will have a set number of financial aid places available determined by the current level of funds available. Priority will be given to those who have not received support in the past.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership financial assistance will be prioritised for existing paying members* first and foremost who find themselves struggling with a monthly payment. New applicants will be considered although please note that all new members receive one-month free access. Each award will be up to a max. of 3 months in a calendar year. Any awards given will be determined by the funds available.

*members who are not currently in a free trial

APPRENTICESHIP: Apprenticeship places available on scholarship will be determined by the available funds. Partial scholarships are also available. This program opens for enrolment twice per year. You application for a scholarship is welcome during enrolment. The next enrolment is Spring 2023.

How to Apply: 

Simply send an email with your story and what you’re applying for to