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Learn to use simple, innate Celtic wisdom & Creative Shamanic practices – like how to communicate with your Spirit Guides and your Cauldron energy centers so you can open the doors to forgotten wisdom
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The Cauldron and the Drum: A Journey into Celtic Shamanism – Available to pre-order now! 

In this groundbreaking book, Rhonda McCrimmon explains the origin and practices of Celtic shamanism, and teaches readers about the three energetic cauldrons and how to work with them.

According to over a thousand years of Celtic tradition, the root of a person’s physical, spiritual and emotional health comes from the three Cauldron Power Centers found in the energetic body. The Celts believed a person must activate, nurture, and maintain all three cauldrons to live a whole, connected, meaningful life.

In this book you will learn how to bring your energetic cauldrons into balance, in addition to exploring the tradition of Celtic fire festivals and the sacred practice of saining. Regardless of your ancestral roots, Celtic Shaman Rhonda McCrimmon invites you to partake of this ancient wisdom and begin your journey down the shaman’s path.

Hi, I’m Rhonda

Like many, I once lived a life that felt disconnected, unfulfilling & mundane. On the outside, I was a successful accountant. But on the inside, I was miserable. 

That was until I found Celtic Shamanism. 

Now I live a joyful, fulfilling, and deeply connected life as a Celtic seer & shaman.  

What I learned walking the path of Celtic Shamanism turned my life around in such a wonderful way. Since then, I’ve taught thousands of people to do the same. 

Everyone (including you!) has a birthright to access the life-changing power within to create a mystical, magical life.

Rhonda McCrimmon

Celtic Shaman & Seer

Founder | Centre for Shamanism

Creator of The Cauldrons Way


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“Rhonda is the real deal folks. The sessions I’ve experienced have opened internal doors and granted insights that are changing my life and helping me to grow into my higher self.”

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 Feenix MB

“This community has been such a welcoming and wonderful place. The free content, which I have just scratched the surface of, has given me such joy and hope. I am excited to have found a spiritual path that feels like a fit.”

Diana Creelman

Diana FC


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★★★★★ – “Rhonda – I love your message – this podcast is the best podcast I have listened to in so long. So reassuring, informative and I am so glad I found you!” – Ghoulies