Hang on a second…

Your confirmation email is on it’s way to your inbox now, but while you wait, there’s one small thing I need you to do. 

In order to make sure you get my newsletter
each week, I want you to go do this now…

(don’t just keep this tab open and say you’ll “do it later”….
take 2 minutes and do it right now)

  1. Head to your inbox settings (if you’re using GMail, that is) and go to the Inbox tab.

  2. Switch your inbox type over to “Unread first” or “Important first”. Bye bye Priority Inbox! Take back control!

If you like that whole Priority Inbox thing and aren’t quite ready to get rid of it, you can click on “Configure Inbox” and then choose which folders it shows. Like this:

That’s it!

Oh, and be sure to reply to my first email so that your inbox knows for sure you want to hear from me in the future.