Walk the Plant Spirit Way with Wendy Dooner

“Here at the Centre for Shamanism, my purpose is to educate and connect you with your innate wisdom of ancient medicinal remedies and plant spirit guides so that you too can create the healthy, meaningful life you crave, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually”.

“Thank you for such a beautiful healing ceremony with rosemary. It’s been such a hectic few months for me , and being able to connect with the calming, and healing spirit of rosemary was just what I needed” 


Julie P

“Before working with Wendy, my life was constantly interrupted by health issues that I never thought I could heal or understand. She guided my through the process of healing and things that have been bothering me for years have finally gone.”

Daniella Swanson

Dani S

“Getting back on the right track can be difficult, but Wendy used her herbal and medical knowledge and expertise to make it a  straightforward process for me. I am finally back to my old self and can manage my household – even after a sleepless night! “

Maryan Waaring

Maryan W

Wendy harvesting herbs and smiling in the sunshine working with plant spirits

Wendy Dooner

Shamanic Practitioner & Medical Herbalist (BSC Hons)

 With the nurturing embrace of nature’s gifts, you’ll embark on a journey to unravel and release the blocks that hinder your path to fulfilment and growth.

During this hour-long transformative exploration, you’ll tap into the wisdom of plant spirits to address the obstacles manifesting in your life. My deep understanding of plant spirit medicine allows you to access the plant kingdom’s natural laws, aligning you with the old ways to sweep away energetic blockages that may impede your progress.

Just as physical ailments can have roots in the spirit, life’s challenges can also reflect internal imbalances and unresolved emotions. Together, we’ll explore the holistic, natural elements of your being, recognising that clearing spiritual blocks can lead to remarkable shifts in your physical reality.


What to expect during your 60-minute consultation:

During this session, there will be shamanic journeywork to cleanse and release energies that aren’t helpful & restore personal power or life force that may be missing.

There will be a journey to discover a plant ally (sometimes called a spirit guide). This spirit will be by your side for the duration of your healing journey and often beyond, providing ongoing support, guidance and wisdom. 

Depending on your needs, there may be a Sensory tea ceremony: To connect you with the wisdom of your body and the language of plants. 

We will discuss the sacred medicines of the plants that have stepped forward to work with you. This encompasses the herb’s spirit, mental, emotional and physical medicine so that you can connect with the medicines after your consultation. 

After a session, I may give you recommendations for Shamanic journeywork and plant spirit ceremonies to undertake as part of your healing journey.

If required, Follow-up consultations will be arranged following your initial session.

“After our work together, I’m pain-free in my back and legs. I’ve regained flexibility and mobility, and I can enjoy my favorite activities again without discomfort.”


Judith C W