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The Basics

Perfect for beginners, here you’ll find answers to all your burning questions about Shamanism

Build Confidence

Perfect for you if you know the basics, and are ready to dive a little deeper into your practice. 


  • To trust in your intuition.

  • To properly form an intention so you can get the most out of your Shamanic journey work 

  • To effectively interpret messages from your guides so that you can benefit from the guidance you receive

  • To overcome spiritual fear, fear of the unknown and Shamanic worries you may have

  • To overcome resistance and self-sabotage when it comes to Spiritual work

& more…

Build Momentum

Perfect for you if you’re confident in journeying & are ready to start letting go of the old stories that hold you back


  • To begin to free yourself from low self-worth

  • How to truly forgive others and yourself

  • To create better physical, emotional and spiritual boundaries

  • How to embrace change

  • & more…


This section’s for you if you’re ready to start embodying Shamanism into your daily life


  • How to help your friends & family accept your Spiritual path 

  • To find even more spiritual momentum & avoid ‘zero-days’

  • To let go of the past & start looking to the future

  • How to become a truly empowered spiritual person

& more…


We all face difficult interactions at some point in our lives, whether it’s at home, with family, friends or at work.


  • To move into right relationship with yourself so you can gracefully navigate these challenging, energetic interactions

  • To become an empowered empath who has control over what energy comes in and goes out

  • How to have healthier relationships with others. 

  • How to free yourself from drama 

  • How to escape the toxic effects of blame and self-blame

& more…

Bad Day? 

Sometimes you’ve had a bad day and need a quick fix for the soul. This collection will show you how to Shaman your way out of a bad day! 


  • To release the hurt of painful memories

  • Find fast relief from anxiety 

  • To overcome despair 

& more…

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