Walk the Shamanic Herbal Way with Wendy Dooner

“Here at the Centre for Shamanism, my purpose is to educate and connect you with your innate wisdom of ancient medicinal remedies and plant spirit guides so that you too can create the healthy, meaningful life you crave, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually”.

“After our work together, I’m pain-free in my back and legs. I’ve regained flexibility and mobility, and I can enjoy my favorite activities again without discomfort.”


Judith W

“I loved this ceremony! It cleared up my breathing and neck & back tightness from computer work. I feel uplifted and connected with my inner strength”


Jayne G

“You are so beautiful Wendy your gentleness and grace shine from your face. Thank you so much for such a beautiful Ceremony, It was all really helpful and beautiful.”

Jan Muse

Jan M

Wendy Dooner

Shamanic Practitioner & Medical Herbalist (BSC Hons)

Once upon a time, my head was so full of knowledge about plants & herbal medicine that I could quickly restore my body to its naturally aligned state (my clients too). 

A true gift, but it never felt like that. 

I never felt whole, connected, or like I was living my life from a place of authenticity.  

I spent over 20 years focusing on the physical aspect of healing but never the spiritual, leaving an empty feeling inside. 

My degree in medical herbalism wasn’t enough…

Surely there was more to the puzzle? 

That’s when I found Shamanism – the missing link between where I was and where I wanted to be, personally & professionally. 

Since then, the connection to plants that Shamanism has given me has turned my life, and the lives of my clients, around in ways I never imagined possible.

What to expect during your 90 minute consultation:

  • I will be working with you on all aspects of your health; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and the corresponding four sacred medicines of herbs for your healing

  • During a session, we take a deep dive into your overall health picture, including diet and lifestyle and medical history so I can best understand how to help you reach your goals.

  • There will be shamanic journeywork during this initial session to cleanse and release energies that aren’t helpful & restore personal power or life force that may be missing.

  • Following your Shamanic herbalism session, you will receive herbal medicine recommendations, nutrition/supplement recommendations

  • After a session, I may give you recommendations for Shamanic journeywork and ceremonies to undertake as part of your healing journey

  • If required, Follow-up consultations will be arranged following your initial session

  • If you require a Herbal prescription, you will be invoiced separately. These cost approximately £10/per week

“Thank you for such a beautiful healing ceremony with rosemary. It’s been such a hectic few months for me , and being able to connect with the calming, and healing spirit of rosemary was just what I needed” 


Julie P