Hi, I'm Rhonda.

I'm here to guide you into the magical world of Shamanism and show you how to use it to grow an unshakable sense of self-worth and start being seen, heard and valued for the powerful, gifted being that you KNOW you are.
(If you don't know it yet, you will soon.) 

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With this podcast my mission is to help you to overcome the challenges and blocks that you face when it comes to spiritual growth. It is my true knowing that the ancient practice of Shamanism, coupled with modern wisdom will help you to grow an unshakable sense of self-worth and start being seen, heard and valued for the powerful, gifted being that you KNOW you are.

If you have any burning questions you’d like us to answer please email them to rhonda@centreforshamanism.com

Katharine's Story

“My life before Rhonda was bleak with anxiety and my life was fear driven and unhappy. I was so stuck.

I felt helpless, desperate, lost. I really thought I had tried everything to get myself out of that place.

Then a friend recommended Rhonda. I was so sceptical at first.

I was impressed with her combination of psychological, spiritual and energetic work.

I had spent years doing psychological work (with therapists and self-help) to try and help myself but the energetic and spiritual support was missing. I could understand the problem but not release the feelings or patterns held in my body from difficult experiences in childhood.

Rhonda was also secure enough within herself to be open about her own previous life challenges (unlike most therapists) which helped with trust and belief that her approach could work.

There were many moments where I realised Rhonda’s approach was working for me. But especially when I felt the physical shift and release of fear in my body. It was life changing.

I then had the confidence to apply some of the techniques that Rhonda taught, and also to apply them to different problems. I could make links to knowledge I already had in my own training that validated her approaches.

I am so delighted that life is no longer a struggle, there are still the normal bumps, but I can cope with them better. I have a better sense of myself, am more grounded and confident. I don’t live in a state of fear and anxiety. I am enjoying my life now!

I have now started to positively re-dream my past, and previous difficult relationships – the healing work is still happening. I am now able to direct the healing myself to work on things that come up – I have the tools to modify and cultivate my own inner landscape. Rhonda’s shamanic approach to helping/healing is truly empowering.”


Rhonda McCrimmon
Founder & CEO

Descended from a line of powerful female healers, Rhonda’s healing work combines shamanism and nature with deep sensitivity and compassion. Her natural awareness and connection with non-ordinary realities enable her to easily access and traverse the shamanic realms, and, with the help of her spiritual allies, provide transformational healing to her clients. Rhonda’s healing practice blends shamanic healing with a deeper understanding of the realities of modern living.

Although born to do healing work, Rhonda came to Shamanism from a different path. Working as a Business Manager, Consultant and Accountant for 13 years across various sectors, Rhonda’s understanding of our challenges in this fast-paced world are many and varied. Rhonda brings heart and soul back into our lives with her deeply authentic connection to the unseen realms and her holding of the larger societal issues we all face.

Rhonda completed a 3-year training with the Centre for Creative Vision in Scotland graduating in 2016. She owns and runs a successful private practise in Airlie, Scotland.