ShamanTalk Episode 100

A Celebration: My Wins, Losses, Struggles & Gratitude

I was in labour for 5 weeks, and my medical team were panicking.

Yes, that’s right. Five weeks. 

As most of you know, I had my wee baby Mirren a few months ago, but I’ve not shared the story of her birth with you. 

It’s one of the struggles that I’ve faced over the last couple of years while running The Centre for Shamanism, and there’s been a few… 

…buuuuut there have also been many wins and a massive amount of gratitude. 

Because this is our 100th episode, I wanted to mark the occasion by sharing some of the experiences I’ve had since starting the Centre, including my pregnancy/birth story. 

I’ve learned so much on this journey, and I hope you have too, Kathy. 

Without you and the other amazing folks who are a part of the Centre, none of what I do would be possible, so thank you! 

To show my gratitude, I’m giving away a FREE personalised intuitive guidance report to one of our lucky listeners, so be sure to tune in to find out how you can win. 

Blessings & gratitude, 


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