ShamanTalk Episode 101

Being Ethical With Your Spiritual Gifts

I’m going to talk about a subject that will likely make me unpopular with some members of our Community.

 I’m OK with that.

 I believe that this message is one of the most important things we can learn when we have access to spiritual gifts. It’s a huge responsibility. 

 And I will continue to teach and talk and shout about this topic! 

 It’s not OK to receive and give spiritual 

messages to others without permission 

It’s not OK to feel others pain and tell them so

It’s not OK to try to heal others without their consent (even when you’re sure it’s the right thing to do)

It’s not OK to use your gifts for others without their knowledge. Ever. Under any circumstances.

 I once had a client who told me a story that really stuck with me. She told me that when she was young, she got sick, and no one could figure out what was wrong. It wasn’t particularly serious but enough to be a concern for her parents.

A family friend had taken it upon herself to figure out what was wrong with my client. She would send her healing (without consent) and would regularly tell her that she was spiritually sick and needed help.

My client realised years later that the illness was a spiritual gift (she could feel and transmute the pain of others). She was then was able to grow and nurture that gift and use it responsibly.

She explained that although the friend was acting in good faith and thought she was doing the right thing, by acting without consent and by trying to ‘save’ her, she was actually taking her power.

She was keeping her in a place of sickness and made my client believe that she didn’t have the skills to heal herself.

This person was determined to be the one who healed my client and was acting from a place of Ego. By acting as superior she made my client feel like she was incapable of healing herself.

The message was, you’re sick, incapable and you need someone else to heal you.

So, although well-intentioned, the outcome was not good. 

This is why we must be so careful within the healing realms. 

Activities & Journeys

If you are not sure you agree with the message in this podcast or you don’t really get why I’m all worked up about this topic then try this Journey:

 Journey with your Guides and ask to be shown what happens to your energy and the energy of others when you act without consent.

If this podcast resonated with you and you wish to make changes and perhaps make amends this is the journey for you:

 Journey with your Guides and ask to take part in a Ceremony of restoration and forgiveness. When this Journey is complete the Guides may ask you to do something in your life to integrate this healing experience. Once this is complete, you do not need to think about past actions, simply how you will move forward with integrity.

 You can do either or both Journeys.

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