ShamanTalk: Episode 20

The No.1 Challenge & identifying the limiting beliefs that stop you in your tracks

What is the no.1 challenge?

 It might not be quite what you think!

 Today’s podcast is all about YOU.

 Particularly over the past year because I’ve been making a habit of putting myself first, instead of dropping everything and tending to everyone else’s needs.

So, what is the issue here? When I say to people – make yourself your NO.1 priority the walls come up folks! Yep… like big fat walls! My students will say ‘but I have kids, elderly parents, husband/wife, career, difficult boss etc. etc.’

And I say, there is NEVER a good enough excuse not to put yourself first. EVER. If you can’t look after your own needs properly then how do you expect to be able to fully look after the needs of others? Showing up for yourself is the best way that you can serve others. Taking action from a place of connection, eagerness and joy is so much more effective than taking action from a place of being tired & drained with very little to give.

So schedule in TIME FOR YOU. Put in your diary and make it a non-negotiable item in your calendar. If it’s not in the diary you will forget.

Here are some of the key points I cover:

>>>The 5 self-limiting beliefs you hold that put you off!

>>> Remember it’s okay to ask for help.

>>> Saying NO (yes, I know you’ve heard it before!)

>>> Top Tips for looking after yourself even if you can’t leave the house.

>>> Shamanic Journey ideas for supporting your quest to become your own No.1 priority

Here are the links & lists I mentioned during the podcast:

Those top tips I promised if you struggle to go outside or meet people:

  • Listen to an uplifting podcast (like this one!)
  • Give the mobile phone a break
  • Do some exercise
  • Learn a new technique like breathing exercises for anxiety
  • Use a mindfulness app like headspace.
  • Check in with your overall health and see a herbalist or nutritionist to support your physical well being

In whatever way you’re avoiding making yourself no.1, there are always ways to work towards this ideal state. Check out podcast episode 17 on Boundaries, that’s a super helpful Podcast and goes really well with this podcast.

Shamanic Journey ideas for working as your own No.1

Ask to be taken on a journey and shown the energetic benefits of putting yourself first

Go with your Guide to the Temple of Self-Worth in the Middle realm and ask to be given a healing to help you make yourself your No.1 priority.

Don’t forget that you might not see anything in your journeys and our messages come in metaphor.


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