95. Refocus Week | Enslaved Empath vs Empowered Empath

ShamanTalk Episode 95 Refocus Week Enslaved Empath vs Empowered Empath This is one of my favourite podcasts, and I’m thrilled to be Refocussing our attention on this essential subject this week. One of my biggest passions in life is to bring this information to the attention of those who consider themselves as highly sensitive people or … Read more

90. Your Ego is Not Your Enemy

ShamanTalk Episode 90 Your Ego is Not Your Enemy A few of you have asked for a podcast on Ego… so I’m happy to oblige! The number one point I always start with when I discuss Ego is that the Ego is not the problem – we tend to turn it into our enemy, especially when … Read more

86. Cord-Cutting | A How to Guide

ShamanTalk Episode 86 Cord Cutting A How to Guide Cord-cutting is a healing technique to help “unhook” you from draining or unhealthy emotional dynamics, freeing you from relational patterns that squander your mental and spiritual energy. Remember that sometimes cord-cutting isn’t what’s required, so always check in with your trusted guides and allies and ask … Read more

82. How to Recognise & Avoid Spiritual Bypassing

How to recognise and avoid spiritual bypassing

ShamanTalk Episode 82 How to Recognise & Avoid Spiritual Bypassing Spiritual bypassing is a very persistent shadow of spirituality, manifesting in many forms, often without being acknowledged. – R. Augustus What comes to mind when you think of ‘spirituality? You might see forests of paradise, the faces of enlightened masters, sunsets, or any number of other stunning images. We … Read more

80. Identifying Negative Thought Patterns That Rule Our Minds

Identifying Negative thought patterns that rule our minds

ShamanTalk Episode 80 Identifying the Negative Thought Patterns That Rule Our Minds Negative thought patterns, otherwise known as cognitive distortions are thought patterns in our minds that convince us of something that isn’t true. These thoughts are usually used to back up our negative thinking. We tell ourselves things that sound rational and accurate but really only … Read more

75. Overcoming Self-Worth Issues

Overcoming Self-Worth Issues

ShamanTalk Episode 75 Overcoming Self-Worth issues Self-worth is such a big topic! And yet, it is a symptom of deeper issues, not a problem in itself. So focusing on low self-worth can sometimes be detrimental. In this week’s podcast, we’ll look into the symptoms of low self-worth and what you can do if you find … Read more