ShamanTalk: Episode 23

Interview: Wendy Dooner, Medical Herbalist and Shamanic Practitioner

Picture of Wendy Dooner

In this week’s episode, I have a wonderful conversation with my wonderful sister, Wendy Dooner, who is, at the time of recording is a Shamanic practitioner in training (2022 Update – Wendy is now a Shamanic Herbalist)

We have both had interesting journeys, and I thought my listeners would be inspired by Wendy’s journey, how she navigated a few difficult life transitions. And how she found her spiritual heart with Shamanism…. Eventually!

The topics we cover:

>> Wendy’s life in Australia (pre-shamanism) and how she found what I do a little bit strange…

>>> How shamanism saved Wendy’s marriage.

>>> What we both love about Shamanism and its relevance to our lives.

>>> How after finding Shamanism, Wendy now works with Plant Medicine in a completely new way.

A wee word from Wendy:

“I have spent the last 17 years in the natural medicine industry and have gathered comprehensive clinical and human experience.

I have worked with many patients, providing insight and answers to their health problems.

After graduating from Napier University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Herbal Medicine, I’ve also undertaken extensive post-graduate professional development to stay at the forefront of the latest research and developments in health and wellness.

Being a wife and mum, I understand how difficult it can be to juggle your health with demanding careers, families, exercise, socialising and life in general.

Whether you are after a complete transformation or just looking to take things one step at a time, I will work with you to create an achievable, practical and sustainable program.”

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