ShamanTalk: Episode 24

Whose Drama is it Anyway?

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We all have a tendency to be a bit over dramatic. I know I can be guilty of that sometimes too. 

Over the years I’ve found working with the Drama Triangle super helpful. It gave me a map to understand some of my less appealing behaviours! It was hard to admit my crappy behaviours to start with, but I got over myself! I admitted my faults. I opened up to my shame and vulnerability. 
And this was a key element in my transformation from old me to new me!
In this episode I talk about this brilliant concept and give ideas for weaving in our shamanic connection.
>>> What is the Drama Triangle
>>> Breaking down the archetypes of the Drama Triangle.
>>>How to start stepping out of the Drama & the AMAZING feeling of emotional freedom that comes along with that. 
>>>Signposts to keep an eye out for that let you know when you are in drama (and how to get out of it). 
>>>Shamanic Journey ideas for working with these concepts (here is a link to our resources page for various journey tracks)
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