ShamanTalk: Episode 43

July Theme: Otter Medicine

Reframing Your Focus and Making Shamanism Work For You

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Otter Spirit 

“You are never alone” 

Like true friends, otters nurture each other and express their affection through touch. 

Otter Spirit has appeared to remind you to experience and express friendships and relationships in a tangible way.

In order to be an effective shamanic person, it takes focus.

My question to you is – what are you focusing on? Where is your mind?

I’m going to help you re-focus and re-frame these key points:

  1. Am I doing it right?
  2. Why am I not having the same experiences as everyone else?
  3. I can’t connect to my guides
  4. I can’t connect at all


Activities & Journeys

  1. Automatic Writing (Don’t panic! It’s way easier than you think!)

Open your sacred space and call in your Guides. Then play some soft music (

Write down the things that come to you that you feel need reframed.

Then take some deep breaths and begin to just write.

Don’t think, just allow the flow of the words.

When you’re complete – pull together an action list and commit to re-framing what you’ve been focusing on.

  1. The Ancestors Dance

Prepare yourself as you would for a ‘normal’ Shamanic Journey. Call in the Ancestors and really take the time to feel your connection with them and also the Land where you are.

Hold the intention that you wish to deepen your connection and you are open to whatever that means for you in this moment.

Choose some fast-paced music or use these songs:

Then let your self go and dance with the Ancestors!

Come back, ground and complete as normal.

Write down your experiences and share (if you’re comfortable sharing)  in the Facebook Group >>>

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