ShamanTalk: Episode 42

How to Shaman Your Way Out of a Bad Day

How to Shaman your way out of a Bad Day

We all have those days when we wake up and things just don’t go our way.

Sometimes is best to get the head down and finish the day as best you can but sometimes, if we catch it right, we can shift our day for the better.

So this week I talk about setting up your day. Get yourself in the best possible place right off the bat. Then I talk about ideas, tips and tricks to help you out of a funk when things aren’t going your way.


  1. Pick something you KNOW will make you feel better and take time to do that.
  2. Start to notice your reactions.
  3. Try to find the humour in a situation if appropriate – and laugh
  4. Accept what is happening and don’t get into a battle with yourself or others.
  5. Smile for 5 mins
  6. Call in your Guides and spiritual team and ask for help.


But I guess the most important message from this podcast is that ultimately you decide how you feel. I never really believed that to be honest. In fact it made me really angry! But boy do I believe it now…


So tune in for some general day to day tips and some support for longer term change & transformation.


Activities & Journeys

Journey with your guides and ask either healing or guidance on what you can change in your life to move into a more harmonious state within. Something that will support you to overcome those bad days. Or something that will support you to avoid those bad days.   You can do two separate journeys. One asking for support to overcome and one asking for support to avoid.


The 4 Agreements task  

1.Buy the book

2. Read the book and implement the teachings.

If you don’t want to buy the book then here are the Four Agreements. 

  • Don’t take anything personally
  • Don’t make assumptions
  • Be impeccable with your word
  • Always do your best


I challenge you to choose the first two in the list and for the next 7 days make an agreement with yourself to: 


  1. Not take ANYTHING personally, even if it feels completely over the top.
  2. Not make assumptions about ANYTHING. Don’t know? Then Ask.


Get into the Facebook group and please share your experience. I really want to know how you get on!

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