ShamanTalk: Episode 45

Shamanism for Shamanism's Sake

This week I’m going to be talking about something that I see quite regularly and that is Shamanism for Shamanism’s sake or more bluntly: 

Using Spirituality as a way to avoid doing the real inner work that is required for us to make grounded, lasting change in our lives. 

This discussion has the potential to push some buttons and perhaps be triggering for some, but there is no blame or judgment here. Seriously. Not one bit… 

However, I do feel like this subject is incredibly important and really needs to be brought out into the light so that we can know it, see it, change it in ourselves (if we do it) and put up firm boundaries to protect ourselves from it when it manifests in others. 

I truly love working with such a dedicated, amazing group of people and it is my mission with The Centre for Shamanism and ShamanTalk to make sure that you are armed with everything you need to bravely step out into the world as a true Shamanic Person and show the Universe what you’re made of! 

I’m really feeling called to give this information by Spirit & I won’t shy away from a topic because it has the potential to be uncomfortable. Especially if it can help you on your path. 

The path of the Shaman isn’t all sweetness and light. We’re in the trenches, doing the work. 

And when you do the work, it really pays off. Believe me.

The reason that it’s a tough topic is because it involves some serious inner work, but I trust that if this applies to you (and it may not) then you’ll be willing to make the changes necessary!

I also trust that if you recognise this in others then you will have firm boundaries and not be afraid to say NO to some of the behaviours I describe below.

Ultimately, practising Shamanism or any other Spiritual Path doesn’t mean you are a ‘successful’ spiritual or shamanic person – here are some pitfalls to watch out for:

  1. Congratulating yourself for all the Journeys you’ve been doing… without changing anything in your life.
  2. Thinking that you are superior to others because you connect with your Guides & work spiritually.
  3. Giving unsolicited advice to others because you think you know better than they do about their experience in this life.
  4. Jumping from modality to modality, never fully immersing yourself in one aspect.
  5. Expecting Shamans, Gurus, Yogis or whoever to ‘fix you’ or hand you a magic wand.
  6. Elevating educators and healers above yourself onto a pedestal. Ultimately, giving your power away to those people and never finding your own confidence. (Watch out for those who will take your power and gladly be elevated onto a pedestal!)

If you recognise any of these in yourself and want to make changes then stop for a second and realise how important and wonderful that is! 

It’s hard to admit to the things on this list. I know I’ve been many of these things – not on purpose at all.

But the first step to change is stepping into the discomfort and admitting that some of these apply to you.

Be gentle with yourself in this work!

No Blame or Shame!

Just truth & radical personal responsibility!

Activities & Journeys

  1. Connect with Otter Spirit and ask to be shown what it means to be part of a tribe, to truly belong. What does that look like and feel like? Then ask for an ACTION you can take in your life to support you to truly belong in this life.
  1. Here are three ways that you could start shifting the behaviours that we talked about in part one (if any of these apply to you). 

  • 1 .What are your personal projects?

    In my life, to make sure that I’m always taking action I have what I like to call personal projects.

    I always have a personal project on the go and what I’m working on at the moment is vulnerability.

    For me, vulnerability doesn’t always come easily or naturally so I’m working on being more open, and allowing people to see me in my vulnerability

    Choose a couple of things to work on. (Vulnerability, negative or toxic thoughts, saying NO & developing good boundaries are a few examples. You’ll know what areas in your life need work.) Think about these things and what action you could be taking in your daily life to work on these issues.

    You can Journey with your guides and ask for healing and to be shown what actions you could take that will help you with your personal project .

  • 2. Taking Action

    From every Journey that you do, write down the ACTION you need to take… then take it! If you’ve received healing in a journey, ask what you can do to integrate the healing you’ve received. It might be a ritual or some self-care for example.

  • 3. Now I have a challenge for you!

    I want you to stop telling other people what to do.  Try and go for one week without telling a soul what to do in any circumstances… how hard is that for you? This will show you if there’s work to do there.

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