ShamanTalk: Episode 46

How to Overcome Spiritual Fear & Fear of the Unknown

So, I’ve been getting a lot of questions around fear.

People seeing or experiencing things in their spiritual work that bring them fear…

People who are experiencing intense energy from outside sources and don’t know how to control it…

…Scary dreams etc.

And people who are scared of their perceived abilities or inabilities when it comes to Shamanism or any other Spiritual work…

…Especially people who are new to this work

We’ve been living in a Christian-based culture for thousands of years now and we’ve been trained to fear the types of connection that Spiritual work outside of Christianity can bring.

Shamans, witches, healers (whatever you want to call them) have been historically persecuted and still are in some places today.

The fear of the unknown that has been instilled in our culture over many many lifetimes still lives on in us, through our ancestral lines

Even if we know it or not, it affects us and our perceptions of the world around us and our experiences, even today.

As a result, we have a tendency to experience a deep fear of things that we don’t understand.

So this week’s episode of ShamanTalk is all about overcoming fear of the unknown and letting go of control to flow with whatever is going on around us.

I’ll be helping you to step out of fear and into the light. We’ll be working with new processes to aid us in overcoming our fear and we’ll be meeting a new guide who will aid us in keeping us free from unwanted energetic influences.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. YOU are the master of your own destiny. You have the power to work firmly in the light and choose how you experience your spiritual path.

This week’s Activities:

  1. Learning to work with your Spiritual Dial.  Your spiritual dial is an imaginary dial within you, that you can turn up or down, depending on what you need.

    If you’re experiencing things energetically that are just too much, then imagine the dial in your minds eye and just turn it down. 

    Your dial is all about your intention. Hold clear your intention. 
    Intentions aren’t just for journeys, intentions are for use all the time. It’s essentially your signalling to the Universe what you want to experience. 

    “This experience is too much for me and I want it to be turned down”

    This will work for you if your intention is clear. But you have to be firm and your intention has to be clear. This is not a wishy washy thing.


    This will work for you if you follow these steps and be firm and clear. 

    It also works the other way if you want to be experiencing more.

    You can turn it up. 

    The only time that won’t work is when your guides have been giving you messages that you’ve been ignoring and then they will stop talking to you until you do the work that you’ve been guided to do. 


  2. Journey to meet your Guardian Guide

    I used to call this the body protector so if you already have your body protector then you can skip this.  

    Your guardian guide will protect you from any energies that you need to be protected from. You don’t need to know what you’re being protected from. 

    In fact I’d recommend that you don’t try to find out. Just know that you are protected. 

    So, go on a journey and ask to meet your guardian guide.

    Now many cultures have different imagery attached to this. 

    Native Americans visualise a blue egg around themselves. 

    You can see it as light around you. 

    One of my students sees his Guardian Guide as an eagle that merges over his body. 

    Your Guide will be whatever is right for you. 

    Your guide will filter out anything that is not for your highest and best good. Any energy that doesn’t have your best interests at heart. 

    This is a filter, not a wall. It won’t stop you from experiencing connection, or what you need to experience in order to get the lessons that you need to learn in this life. 

    What it will protect you from is other peoples thoughts and feelings, projections, thought forms. Any energy that you need to be kept safe from.

    So go on a journey and ask to meet your Guardian Guide and ask to be shown how your Guardian Guide can help you in this life

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