ShamanTalk: Episode 43

Helping Your Family & Friends Understand Your Spiritual Path

I often get asked the question, how can I make/help my family understand my spiritual path. 
That’s an easy thing to answer and a hard thing to do!
My answer is always, concentrate on your own path without attachment and you’ll be surprised what unfolds in your life.

This week I’ve invited my husband Scott to the podcast to discuss the difficulties we had when I first started on my shamanic path. 

When I was doing my training Scott was doing a PHD in plant sciences. 

Yes. A scientist and a Shaman. 

It was a strange and sometimes difficult time for Scott.

We laugh about all the times during my training when I was saying ‘you should do this’ or ‘You should try that’ and how he thought I was a bit crazy
What a time we had trying to shoehorn each other into our own version of reality leading to disharmony and conflict.
We dive deep into both our processes and share candidly in the hope that it will inspire anyone else having similar problems. 
Many of you will know that Scott is currently on a Shamanic training and I also invite him to talk about his map with this work. This shows just how different we both are and how that’s OK!
I hope you enjoy this open, honest dialogue as much as we did.

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