ShamanTalk: Episode 54

Is This What Ceremony Really Means?

In this podcast, Scott and I share the experience of our holiday in the wilds of Scotland. The experience for us was deeply ceremonial in many ways and it got me thinking…

What does Ceremony mean to me?

 What I know to be true for me is that life is a Ceremony, those sacred conversations that open a doorway, the spontaneous Ceremony that can just appear for us as well as the thoughtful and laid out more ‘obvious’ Ceremonies we perform as shamanic people.

 So, Scott and I invite you to join us on an exploration of our Ceremonial experiences and some funny moments too!

 Activities & Journeys

  1.  For anyone who would like to start to connect with Ceremony, here is a free PDF with a step by step Guide. The Guide is a great way to begin working with Ceremony.

  2.     Working with spontaneous Ceremony.

 Be open this week to moments of Ceremony that happen spontaneously. Some examples are:

  •       A conversation that helps you connect the dots somehow
  •       A moment of peace from something in your landscape
  •       A moment of joy that you wish could go on forever
  •       Something in the air that speaks to you
  •       A difficult or uncomfortable moment that you lean into and learn from

And when you catch a moment, allow the feeling of connection to source to flood your body. Allow the flow of the moment to fill you up. 

Though a ceremony needs a form, and often forms that are repeated over time gain power, you will find that a spirit of spontaneity and playfulness is so welcome in your ceremonial life. Maybe you will be moved to dance or drum or sing to celebrate these moments.

Make notes and think about that moment. 

  1.     What did you learn?
  2.     What healing did you receive?
  3.     How will you take this forward into your life?

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