ShamanTalk: Episode 53

Am I Making It All Up In My Head?

It’s something I’ve been hearing a lot recently in the Facebook Group. 

‘How do I know I’m not making it up in my head?’

“I can’t ‘see’ anything in my journeys”

“Is it all just my imagination?”

In this weeks podcast we discuss the different types of ways that you might receive your messages

The four ways we will discuss our clairaudience clairsentience claircognizance and clairvoyance

It’s easy to get lost when we are trying to understand spiritual messages

 I hope to clear up some of the mystery

I also welcome my husband Scott to discuss his experience and how he interacts with messages & shamanic guides (hint – he doesn’t work with guides)

Scott and I experience shamanism quite differently and I hope you enjoy listening to a different perspective

Activities and Journeys

Working with symbols as a way to work on intuition and receive messages. 

Hold the intention to receive a symbol. keep your senses open throughout the day and see if anything appears for you, you can also journey and ask for a symbol

Make a Touchstone. Write on your hands, on notes or on your phone to remind yourself throughout the day. This will help you to keep your symbol in your mid mind.

To help amplify your symbol think of possible fairy stories or myths.

Once you have worked with symbols in this we go back to omen walking and weave this knowledge into your walks. this will help to deepen your understanding of your connection and spiritual perception.

It will also help you to develop different ways of receiving messages and help you to understand the different types of ways that you can receive messages

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