ShamanTalk: Episode 61

Celtic Shamanism with Sam MacLaren

This week I’m delighted to welcome Sam McLaren to ShamanTalk! Sam is a Celtic seer, shamanic healer, animist, Reiki master, dancer, and musician. She also holds certificates in counselling and has extensive experience in mental health support.

 Sam adheres to a robust Celtic mystic and religious discipline through studies with Sharon Paice MacLeod, Celtic Scholar, linguist, and musician from Harvard University, with whom she is undertaking ongoing one-to-one training in Celtic history and religion. This course is ensuring that the information Sam imparts is as accurate as possible, which is vitally important for those seeking a genuine connection to our indigenous spirituality. Sam is currently studying a BA in Celtic Studies – University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

 Sam shares some of these fascinating insights about Celtic culture, dispels some myths and talk us through how to find out what’s genuinely Celtic, and what simply isn’t!

 Information shared on the Podcast:

 Medicine Wheel story:

 Try reading this story, then listen to Sam’s free Medicine Wheel training in our Facebook community in the Units section.

Click here to join the community. 

 Sources for Celtic Information:

We often read or hear things about which we might like to check the sources.

 As discussed, Sam recommends using Google Scholar Not Wikipedia! Wiki is not a reliable academic source for this kind of work. is also a good option.

 Recommended reading:

‘Celtic Cosmology and the Otherworld’ by Sharon Paice MacLeod

‘Celtic Myth and Religion’ by Sharon Paice MacLeod

‘The Men of the North’ Tim Clarkson

‘The Gaelic Otherworld’ John Gregorson Campbell

‘Ancient Irish Tales’ by Cross and Slover

‘The Gallic War’ by Julius Caesar

Activity this week

 Watch the free Training in the Community group and compare that training to the medicine wheel story above.

Compare the story and see if you can pull the salient points from the information – this will give you some practice in drawing the relevant elements through the later Christian additions.

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