ShamanTalk: Episode 60

Grounding: What does it mean, and how do we do it?

In this episode, I talk about Grounding – and as I read through some of the articles available on this topic, I realised that I also wanted to dispel some myths. Many of these articles overstated what being ‘ungrounded’ meant and also placed responsibility on the client to become grounded. For those of us in trauma, this can be an impossible task and can result in some feeling ‘shame’ that they can’t manage such a ‘simple’ thing as being grounded.

 So, I address that straight off the bat!

 I then go into more detail about why it’s essential to be grounded with this work, what that means and how to achieve this state.

 Being grounded in our spiritual connection ensures we don’t lose energy to open and unattended connections. And being grounded keeps us connected to our day to day life. This is so important for effective personal work. We can’t spend all our time with our awareness in the spiritual clouds – we would never get any personal work done!

 Activities & Journeys


  1.     Go on a Journey with your Guide and ask to be shown the nature of being Grounded. Take care to focus on how this feels in your body. Take note of this experience so you can reconnect with this feeling of groundedness when you need to.

  2.     Grounding exercises


Here are a few grounding exercises. You can choose any number of these to support you to feel grounded.


  •       Focus on your pelvis, thighs, calves and feet. Envision your energetic connection with the earth even if you are not standing outside.


  •       Close your eyes. Turn on all of your senses. Become aware of any pain or annoying sensations in your body. Breath inward, inhaling the pain or annoyance and blowing it out until it is gone. Then go through your five senses as you become completely aware of and in tune with your physical environment. Bring awareness to the back of your body. Cleanse your space afterwards.


  •       Focus on your breathing and exhalation as you return from your experience, journey or healing work.


  •       Sit quietly and notice the sensations of support in your body – the ground, cushion, or chair. Feel the contact points of your body where you sit, stand or lie. Allow gravity to soften and pull your awareness into the centre of your body.


  •       Chant, om, or sing from your belly, using deep, vibrating sounds.


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