ShamanTalk: Episode 63

How to Overcome Feeling Like You're Not Good Enough

When it comes to our Spiritual path, it can be hard to commit to it when you have self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

You find yourself saying things like: 

  • “I’ll never know enough” 
  • “I don’t have what it takes.”
  • “I’m scared I’ll fail.” 
  • “I don’t trust myself.” 
  • “I’m not worthy of a more Spiritually connected, happy life.” 

Sound familiar? 

All of the excuses you make up in your mind as to why you can’t do something all boil down to the same feeling:

I’ll never be good enough. 

But what does ‘good enough’ mean to you? 

Compared to who? 

‘Good enough’ is an imaginary line that you’ve drawn in the sand of your own mind. 

If you’ve decided that ‘good enough’ means: 

  • Knowing the most
  • Being the best
  • Being fearless
  • Being the perfect mother/daughter/wife
  • Being an enlightened being who floats through life in a state of spiritual bliss

Then you’ll NEVER feel good enough because no one is perfect.  

You’re stuck – not because you don’t feel good enough. 

You’re stuck because ‘good enough’ is an impossible standard that you’ve set for yourself. 

It’s not your fault. You live in a world where you’re bombarded with images of greatness on TV & Social Media and anything less than perfect is an unacceptable goal.

When the goal is perfection, then the fear of failure sets in because deep down you know that you’ll never be perfect (and that’s OK by the way). 

Drop the impossible standards. They are not serving you. 

As a human being on this earth, you’re already good enough. 

But if you need a standard to measure yourself by, then make it this: 

Trying your best every day, no matter what. 

Even if your best isn’t that great.

Even if you fail.

Even if you’re scared.

Seven Reasons that might cause your self-limiting belief that you’re Not Good Enough 

  1. You have hidden core beliefs that are ‘running the show’
  2. Your inner voice is critical and judgemental
  3. You surround yourself with critical people.
  4. You had critical, demanding or aloof parents,
  5. Your main caregiver couldn’t offer you stability or safety
  6. You didn’t get enough attachment as a child
  7. You’ve experienced strong traumas in the past


Activities & Journeys


  1. This Journey will help you to understand your Inner Voice more clearly so that you can begin to make changes to your inner narrative.


Journey with your Guide and ask to meet your Inner Voice. What does your Inner voice look like? What does it sound like? What do you think needs to change here?


  1. Begin to turn your negative thoughts into positive mantras. If you find yourself being critical of your inability to speak up for yourself, perhaps try a mantra ‘I have the right to speak up and be heard’


Over time, these positive affirmations will change the neural pathways in your brain and you will begin to naturally think differently.


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