ShamanTalk Episode 72

Drama Triangle Series
Part 3: The Persecutor

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This is the final week of our Drama Triangle series.

I left this archetype until last for a reason.

I would say that of all the roles in the drama triangle; this is the role which most people find difficult. 

If you think you’re never a persecutor – I would question that!

It’s a part of our shadow that can lay very hidden and doesn’t like to be exposed to the light….

There are ranges of this archetype, so please keep an open mind!

Persecutors tend to blame others and criticise others without providing guidance, assistance or offering a solution to the underlying problem.

Persecutors can be critical and unpleasant. They can deny their own weakness and focus on the defects and problems of others. Lecturing, preaching, and criticising with offensive, demeaning or sarcastic comments is how they communicate.

Think of a persecutor as patronising.

But there are more covert behaviours as well! In this episode, we talk about:

  • Active Persecutors
  • Retaliatory Persecutors
  • Passive Persecutors
  • The Persecutor in Disguise

    We also talk about what drives the persecutor behaviours and how to begin to step out of these.

    Plus, what we do when we are faced with a persecutor?

Activities & Journeys

Journey with your Guides to your Inner Knowing and ask to be shown your relationship with Persecutor energy. This will help you to understand your role with this archetype and any work to be done there.

 How to work with Boundaries when facing persecutor energy:

List five things you’d like people to stop doing around you, for example, criticising absent colleagues.

List five things you want people to stop doing to you, for example, being rude or inconsiderate or ignoring you.

List five things that people may no longer say to you, for example, “you always give up” or “you’ll never get promoted.”

This will help you to become more aware of how often your boundaries are crossed. It will bring issues to the front of your mind and sharpen your focus.

They will also support you to know when to put your boundaries into place. 

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