ShamanTalk Episode 77

Meeting, Creating & Working with Sacred Objects

This week we’re getting practical! I want to share my understanding of Sacred Objects and how you can use them in your spiritual practice and daily life.

Let’s start by describing a sacred object.

Whether a physical, energetic, spiritual or imaginative object, a Sacred Object can be a tool, a guide, a teacher, or a focus to develop and maintain intent. It can be a container to hold intent. It can be a tool to help funnel, transmit or transmute energetic intent from and/or to a greater power.

Remember that with Shamanic Practice, all things are sacred, and all things are alive. So, in reality, anything (and dare I say everything?) can be a sacred object.


Examples of natural sacred objects are:

  • Stones
  • Skulls and bones
  • Feathers
  • Leaves
  • Wood in all its forms

You might make an object:

  • Drum/rattle
  • Talisman

You might be drawn to buy a sacred object:

  • Deity or animal statue
  • Bells
  • Drums/rattles again
  • Tarot or oracle cards

I also regard my computer as a sacred object that allows me to work online the way I do, and I treat it as such.

Some objects you may only use while you are working in your Journey World. These could include a special medicine you’ve received from a Guide, or a cloak you wear, a sword you wield or a shield that you hold in front to protect you.

Finding and receiving

  • Listen to the object.
  • Don’t overthink it!
  • When asking permission to use the object as a Sacred tool, it’s usually a yes!


  • Use your object
  • Have it out on your altar or on display in some way so you stay visually connected to it.
  • Keep it clean.

Blessing and naming

  • Ask the object what its name is
  • Treat it with respect and honour your object.
  • Spend a little time thanking your object for being.


  • Journey with your object in NOR (non-ordinary-reality) and ask your object if there is a Ceremony you can perform to welcome/bless/deepen your connection


  • When gifting to another person, always communicate clearly what you are giving and why
  • Hold the intention that the gift is an invitation to receive the objects medicine.
  • When passing on a sacred object, ask the object first
  • Write the objects’ story – how you came to have it, what medicine you received and why it’s time to pass it along.

Activities & Journeys

  1. Putting into practice what you’ve learned (or already know!), go for a walk in nature with the intention to meet a sacred object that would like to work with you.

    Don’t try too hard! Just relax into the walk and connect with your heart space.

    When you find an object, spend some time holding and sitting with the energy of the object.

    Ask the object if it’s willing to join you for a time on your spiritual path.

    Remember, most of the time; this will be a yes! If you do receive a no, thank the object, continue on your walk and have another go.

    Welcome your object into your home, find a pace for it and perhaps journey to ask if there is a welcome ceremony you an offer.

    Go into the Facebook group and share your object (with its permission, of course, it might only be for you, which is also OK.)

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