ShamanTalk Episode 94

How to Escape All or Nothing Spirituality

When you are trapped in all or nothing thinking, you experience your life in extreme terms: It’s either perfect or a disaster. 
This is known as distorted thinking (or cognitive distortion) because life is a mixed bag for all of us. And it really affects our spiritual life – we think we must be perfect and manage perfectly; otherwise, we’ve failed. 
All or nothing thinking can be described as:
1. You can’t give yourself the scope to do anything in a way that you asses is worth less than an A or even an A+.
2. You see yourself as a failure if you’re not feeling well enough, physically or mentally, to perform a task you’d planned to do.
When you engage in this type of all or nothing thinking, you convince yourself that your whole spiritual path is falling apart because a planned Journey didn’t get done one day.
I hope this podcast will help you resolve to look for that middle ground by becoming aware of when you’re thinking in absolute all or nothing terms. You’ll save yourself a lot of heartache.
Want to see if you are engaging in this type of thinking? Start with noticing how you use the following words:
“No one”.
The truth is, we all screw up; no one always says or does the right things. 
Some of the world’s most successful people will tell you that failure is an essential part of success. 
In other words, you can’t be be a success without failure – and everything in between. Instead of avoiding mistakes, embrace them and learn from them and see them as opportunities for growth.

Activities & Journeys

1) Go on a Journey with your Guides and ask to be shown your energetic relationship with All or Nothing thinking – including how this affects your spiritual life. You may also receive healing in this experience.
2) Spend some time thinking about the words above and ask yourself which of these words you might use? 
It might be fun to get together with a trusted friend or partner and work on this together as a project. Perhaps you can have a fun’ buzz word’? For example, when you or your friend use one of the words above in an all or nothing way – have a silly word you say to each other, like Monkey or Milk Shake. 
Sometimes it’s easier and more fun to work on these projects with a friend.

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